You will get an accurate, human-transcribed transcript of a podcast interview.

Maria Cecilia F.
Maria Cecilia F.

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Buy Transcripts services from Maria Cecilia, priced and ready to go.

You will get an accurate, human-transcribed transcript of a podcast interview.

Maria Cecilia F.
Maria Cecilia F.

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Transcripts services from Maria Cecilia, priced and ready to go.

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You will get an accurate transcription of your interview done by a veteran transcriptionist with 16 years of experience. I have done extensive transcription work for medical clinics, internal market research, financial audits, as well as the legal field. I follow a clean verbatim style to ensure the transcript's readability with editing and proofreading done to ensure high-quality output.
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Maria Cecilia F.

About Maria Cecilia

Maria Cecilia F.
Top Podcast Content Copywriter Extra-WORD-inaire
Ormoc, Philippines - 12:22 pm local time
Looking to amplify your podcast's reach with compelling content? Let’s amplify that audio gold of yours into compelling written stories!

For over 15 years, I've been diving deep into the digital world, blending the wonders of podcasting with top-notch copywriting. I'm not just here to jot down what's said - think of me as your podcast storyteller, turning conversations into text that dazzles.

Blame it on my INTJ analytical brain (with a sprinkle of creative flair), but your episodes deserve to shine even when the audio's off.

Let's get every detail down. From catchy show notes to magnetic promotional pieces, I've got the skills to make sure your podcast's magic doesn't end when the episode does.

Ready to give your podcast a lasting voice? Reach out, and let’s craft some captivating narratives together!

What can you expect... when collaborating with me?

* WORDS THAT CAPTIVATE: Expert Copywriting & Content Writing

* PERFECT TRANSCRIPTIONS: Pristine Editing & Proofreading

* STREAMLINED ONLINE PRESENCE: A to Z Podcast Management and Social Media Mastery

In other words, I offer podcasters a transformative edge: Crafting captivating show notes and promotional content (audiograms, reels, blogs, newsletters, social posts, et cetera), delivering flawless episode transcriptions, and seamlessly managing both post-production intricacies and dynamic social media campaigns.


Transparency, accountability, and doing things exceptionally well? That's how I roll (and no, I'm not talking sushi). Every day is a mission to inspire and be a good influence - think of me as your favorite superhero without the cape.

Challenges? Competitive events? Bring 'em on! I treat life's curveballs like a pro-dodger (though I'm still mastering the art of dodging those surprise Lego pieces on the floor).

My brain? Think Sherlock Holmes but with more caffeine and a penchant for dad jokes. I'm forever on a quest, not for the Holy Grail, but for fresh, grounded ideas.
I treasure the truth – even if it's as hard to swallow as that one time I tried kale smoothies. Bias? Please, that left the chat ages ago. Honesty? Always at the forefront, served with a side of witty banter.

Every challenge is a plot twist in my ongoing saga. And my decisions? They're crafted after binge-watching detective shows, with a side of solid research, of course.
Treading the beaten path? Nah, I prefer making my own trails – preferably without getting lost. And when I focus on something, best believe I'm like a dog with a bone (or me with the TV remote).

With a curiosity that would put a cat to shame (don't worry, no cats were harmed in the making of this bio), I often find myself venturing into uncharted territories, flipping norms on their heads, and turning the everyday into a comedic masterpiece.

And yes, I eat content for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

As soon as you need me!

Drop me a message at hello [at] maria-franco [dot] com

"Everything is possible if you are willing to learn new things."

Best vibes,

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