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Chetan T. Chetan T.
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Delivery Time 2 days
Number of Products 5
Pricing Research
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I am a Virtual Assistant of works for more than 7+ years without any single time schedule problem. I am fully expert in Amazon Product Research, Listing, Seller Central Store management.

Tactical Arbitrage
Price Blink
Google Spreadsheet/Excel Sheet

The metrics I use to identify profitable AMZ products:

Product Category: All products from ungated categories.
Sales Rank: Under 300000
Profit: $1-$6
ROI: 10-30%
Monthly Sale: 6-50
No. of Sellers: 1-12
Industry Business, Consumer Goods, eCommerce, Education, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Technology & Internet
Platform Amazon, eBay, Shopify
Language English

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Delivery will depend on the buyer product research criteria. Click on the contact me button to discuss the criteria then we can proceed further.


I needs detailed Product Research Criteria before start of the project.

Frequently asked questions

What is your Product Research Criteria?

What is your Product Research Criteria?

About Chetan

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Top Rated
Pune, India - 5:24 pm local time
AMAZON / EBAY / SHOPIFY Store Manager / Profitable Product Research / Drop-Shipping

✯✯✯✯ Amazon Seller Central ✯✯✯✯✯
1. Product Listing.
a. Product description.
b. Product title (according to suggested format and keywords)
c. Addressing suppressed products.
d. Listing enhancement issues.

2. Enhanced brand content (A+ pages).
a. Editing images.
b. Setting up page
c. Data for EBC.
d. Submission and error resolving.

3. Creating brand pages.
a. Page setup.
b. Product sorting for page display.

4. Customer services.
a. Shipment query.
b. Invoice query.
c. Product details query.

5. Amazon FBA.
a. Creating shipments
b. Coordinating with Amazon for Shipments updates.
c. Resolving issues with shipments.
d. Shipment reconciliation.
e. Liaising with Amazon for missing, unshipped or extra units.
f. Approving Hazmat Review.
g. Category approval.

6. Returns Management.
a. Auditing returns.
b. Creating a return shipment.
c. Accepting returns.
d. Reverse logistics.
e. Liaising with Amazon for missing units.

7. Amazon seller feedback management.
a. Maintaining Account health.
b. Maintaining positive feedback of above 95%.
8. Inventory planning and forecasting.
9. Inventory Management.
a. Making sure the product is available all the time.
b. Resolving reserved inventory issues.

10. Making sure listing stays live.
11. Chasing Amazon for cases.
12. Managing AMS (Amazon Marketing services).
a. Creating an advert campaign.
b. Analyzing ongoing campaigns.
c. Planning and forecasting for Advert Expenditure.

13. Reporting and Report Analysis.
a. Sales report.
b. Returns report.
c. Shipment report.
d. Profit analysis.
e. Inventory report.

14. Managing and fixing pricing errors.
a. Making sure our prices are correct all the time so we don’t make a loss.
b. Making sure the prices are within the given range so the product does not go inactive.

15. Sale Management.
a. Creating and managing the sale.
b. Lightning Deal.
c. Clearance sale.

I am having the great experience on Amazon / eBay / Shopify and my duties are:
1) shortlisting the profitable product on Amazon using some google chrome extensions like Keepa Graph, Scope, AMZScout FBA calculator, AMZ Superman seller tool etc.
2) On that basis of calculating/checking sales rank, ROI, profit/loss, Number of reviews, Estimated sales per month etc.
3) Also, we are good at contacting suppliers as from Jungle Scout we look for products that match criteria then find the supplier for that product and contact that supplier.
4) Gather Info from the supplier and communicate with them through email.
5) Build buy of profitable products list etc
6) Product upload to FTP using SKU, Image update, Price change, description change etc

Duties can handle: -
-Finding profitable products
-Contacting Suppliers
-Dedicated server management
-Make product description up to the mark
-watch list on Competitor website for prices
-product image upload according to SKU
-make a thumbnail of images
-adding watermark to images
-domain email management
-Online Data Searches
-Image Editing and re-sizing
-Contacting Distributors
-Product Optimization
-Link- Building + Content Marketing (Organic)
-Social Media Marketing (Organic)
-Product Reviews
-Direct Product Promotion/Listing

Please contact me immediately for demo work, Sample Profitable Product file, Video Sample of my work etc