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  • Delivery Time 30 days
  • Number of Keywords Researched 30
  • Number of Focus Keywords 10
    • eCommerce SEO Audit
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Project details

I will set up PPC campaigns, and manage those set campaigns is not a cakewalk task. Biding on wrong and irrelevant keywords can cost you a lot of money with no return. Creating suitable campaigns and generate sales is not impossible as it needs a deep analysis of keywords.
As PPC is the back-bone of your Brand so make sure you do it wisely. Let me handle your PPC Campaign, Campaign ads PPC Campaign. I set up successful PPC campaigns and generate the ideal sales for my clients.

What we can achieve through PPC
 Reduce ACOS & Improve ROAS
 PPC Campaign Setup (Auto/Manual)
 Boost Traffic, Sales & BSR Rank
 Negative KWs implementation
 Great Targeted Traffic
 Boost Sales 30-50% on Amazon within 1-2 months
 PPC Keywords Research

Platform Type Amazon
What's included
Service Tiers
Delivery Time
30 days
25 days
15 days
Number of Keywords Researched
Number of Focus Keywords
eCommerce SEO Audit

Project steps

  • 1
    Analyze your Product

    At first, I'll look at your product and its niche and evaluate your listing.

  • 2
    Keywords Research

    I will research the KW that will provide you with Top Searches. I will add more relevant keywords to your product through root keywords search.

  • 3
    Campaign Management

    Create Auto, Manual, KW Targeting, Product Targeting Campaigns, ASIN targetting & Sponsored Ads

  • 4
    Remove Negative Keywords

    Add Irrelevant Keywords as negative KW to improve PPC campaign efficiency so you would not spend money on keywords that are not related to your product.

  • 5
    Low ACOS and Generate sales

    Add Irrelevant Keywords as negative KW to improve PPC campaign efficiency so you would not spend money on keywords that are not related to your product.


  • 1
    I'll need the details of your product
  • 2
    I need to know if your listings are fully optimized or not?
  • 3
    I will need child access to your account

Frequently asked questions

About Shabana

Shabana R.
Amazon FBA Specialist| Product Research| Listing Optimization| PPC
Jhelum, Pakistan - 5:33 pm local time
My objectives are to help out product-based businesses to grow and become stable on the Amazon seller center. If you want to start your business on Amazon and have no idea how to start it, how to select a profitable product in a trending niche, how to rank and get sales on the new listing, or the live listing with no progress. I’ll assist you from scratch and will provide you the road map.
I’m working full time on Amazon and helping different brands and starters in various categories for instance,

Product research
As a product researcher, I’m well aware of the importance of a product and how crucial it is for an investor. The only good and demanding products can return the good value of your money and helps you to grow.
If you want a winning product for your brand, I’ll assist you in it while using different searching tools and techniques according to your budget in different markets like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Listing creation and optimization
If you are looking for someone to create a highly optimized Amazon Listing with complete SEO for your Product Description then I will provide you the below services.
I will help you in boosting your Sales & Ranking as Amazon Listing Optimization is a key pillar in increasing your sales exponentially.
Your Listing Optimization will consist of the following steps,
• A detailed study of your product detailed Research of high volume keywords for you
• Detailed Analysis of the finalized keywords
• Copy Writing of Keyword Enriched Title, Bullet Points, and Product Description of your
• Photography Audit.
• A detailed search of the Category Listing Report of your Listing.
• Detailed analysis of your Category Listing Report
Selection of Back-end Keywords for your Listing Optimization according to Amazon.

Keyword Ranking
I will help you to grow your SEO strength. I will bring your product listing to the next level to enhance your visibility and increase your sales through 100% relevant and high conversion keywords for your product with the help of different tools. You need to rank your product against some keywords to sustain sales velocity.

PPC (Pay Per Click)
What I'll do for you? I'll launch your PPC campaign by conducting proper research on your competitors and your customers. We need to know what our customers searching for. What search queries they are putting into Amazon's search bar. I'm going to collect our customers' search queries, PPC Amazon recommended keywords, Sponsored Ads keywords that our competitors bid on.
I can optimize your current ads to generate sales at lower costs. This will involve pausing poorly performing keywords, changing CPC bids, adding negative keywords, and more.

I believe in proving my skills with actions rather than just fancy words.
Kindly feel free to contact me for further discussion according to WHAT YOU NEED.