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Trevor O.
Trevor O. Trevor O.
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What's included $250

  • Delivery Time 2 days
    • Executive Summary
    • Company Description
    • Industry & Competitor Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Customer Analysis
    • Tailored Marketing Plan
    • Review & Critique
    • Financial Forecast
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Project details

You will get an objective and critical assessment of your investment pitch "readiness". based on a number of key criteria, I will point out your pitch's strengths and weaknesses and outline key ways you can improve your pitch so that it captures the attention of your target investors.  
Business Type Startup
Plan Format PowerPoint
Plan Purpose Investors Roadshow, Loan Approval, Partnerships/Joint Ventures

Project steps

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    Submit Investment Pitch

    I'll assess your pitch within a 48-hour window and provide you with a clear formula for improvement, from an investor's perspective.


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    I need your pitch deck, either in Powerpoint or PDF Format.

About Trevor

Trevor O.
Finance, Economics & Business Editing | Board-Level Consulting
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Oxford, United Kingdom - 5:48 am local time
***** "Trevor has an outstanding eye for detail." - Ludovic G, European School of Management

***** "Brilliant work by Trevor. He went through the entire manuscript in 3 days. Very friendly to work with." - M. Dodsworth, Managing Director, Europartnerships.

***** "Wow. Trevor is certainly worth the investment."- K. Mavroulakis, CEO, Empact Ventures.

***** "We couldn't have done this without Trevor. It pays to have someone with solid business and financial experience to spot those mistakes before submitting our investment memorandum," - Martin F, Director Advisor FM.

Hello, I'm Trevor and I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland. I'm a semi-retired C-Level exec, and have been a business leader, investor and board member for over 25 years. I know what it takes to present board-level documentation.

I’m multilingual and I’ve lived in a dozen countries where I have run large teams. I have raised several million dollars in venture financing and very familiar with the investment process.

I'm also a judge at the annual Business Book Awards.

Short answer? Having scrutinized hundreds of investment documents over the years, I have developed an eye for detail. And I get annoyed when I see a beautifully presented financial report, board papers or legal document with typos, errors and inconsistencies.

Business leaders are overwhelmed with info and you need to get to the point – fast. Business documentation is not just a reflection of the writer. It’s also a reflection of the business.

This is not just about correcting typos. With me, you’ll get the scrutiny of a board-level exec with many years of experience being on both sides of the investment table – presenting to investors on the one hand, and scrutinising investment documents on the other.

I have a technology background and am very familiar with the tech industry.

Being multi-lingual, I’ve run international teams, which means I’m able to take non-native English text and smooth it over so that it comes across as “native”.

I got into this business by accident – many investors have asked me to check investment reports over the years, and due to the confidential nature of the work, I’m trusted.

As a joke, I set up an agency with a few other semi-retired execs. It’s not our core business and we’re quite selective about the work we take on.

And I believe that the price I charge is good value for money.

In my time, I have written and read hundreds of management and leadership books, reports, white papers, investment pitches, academic journals as well as marketing and sales copy. I have presented this information to investors and boards as well as academic and government panels, and I've reviewed investment documentation myself as an investor.

I also scrutinise the document from the point of view of the decision-maker, ensuring that arguments are well-formulated and tightly structured, paying close attention to fact-checking, sources and references.

And finally, I make sure the overall presentation is polished, professional and ready to publish.

I have helped over 200 entrepreneurs, academics, executives and creatives transform their final drafts onto highly professional, polished documents that achieve results. I also have a client account on Upwork and have awarded over 140 projects and maintain a 5-star client rating.

PROOFREADING (English as native language)
I provide thorough proofreading for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and terminology. I'll also check for consistency in numerals, fonts, and capitalisation.

COPYEDITING (English as native language)
I'll carry out a rigorous edit to strengthen both your sentence structure and your choice of words. I'll remove repetition and improve the overall flow of your copy, ensuring the text is tight and clear.

Be under no illusion that this takes a significant amount of work, and can often involve a complete re-write. Here, I'll get to the bottom of what message you want to convey, and then ensure it's written as if by a native writer.

- Academic
- Articles
- Blog Posts (long-form and short-form)
- Board Papers & Management Reviews
- Business Plans & Marketing Plans
- Business Reports
- Case Studies
- Financial Reports
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Investment Pitches
- Commercial Agreements
- Lead Magnets
- Literature Reviews
- Magazines
- Manuals
- Peer Reviews
- Presentations & Pitch Decks
- Shareholder Reports
- Technical
- User Guides
- Valuation Reports
- Websites
- White Papers

- Advising others how to efficiently grow their business
- I sit on boards and occasionally invest
- I overhaul pitch presentations to support fundraising
- Coaching & mentoring founders, entrepreneurs and senior execs.