You will get a secure mail server with military grade encryption


You will get a secure mail server with military grade encryption


What's included $7,500

  • Delivery Time3 days
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3 days delivery — Nov 29, 2022
Revisions may occur after this date.
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Email communication is largely unencrypted. This means your email travels through the Internet transparently and this is far from desirable.

Moreover email servers reside, often, in an insecure environment and do not implement even the most basic hardening or security measures.

We can provide the first steps in securing your email communication by implementing a very secure server, with a encrypted filesystem and make sure it's as hardened as possible.

Email can reside in the server with minimal (never zero) threat to it. Additionally, we can teach you how to use PGP in order to make your whole chain of communication encrypted so that only the intended audience may communicate effectively.

An email server
Cybersecurity Expertise Data Protection, Privacy
Technology Type Email System
What's included $7,500 These options are included with the project scope.
  • Delivery Time3 days
    • Small Company Size
    • Medium Company Size
    • Large Company Size
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Roderick J.
Jul 23, 2021
Test Task Renich solved all challenges on time and even went beyond what was required. Great work!  


Robert L.
May 29, 2019
Shell scripting (6121). Good freelancer, will hire again.  


Daniel L.
Oct 1, 2013
Linux Server Administrator This guy caught my eye at first because he told me my plan that I laid out was a bad idea and then gave me some quick insights into why. Responsible, fast and knowledgable, you will not go wrong.  

About Rene

Rene B.
FOSS Consultant
Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, Mexico - 1:59 pm local time

My name is Renich Bon Ciric (yeah, I know it's up there...). I'm a FOSS professional and expert GNU & Linux Systems Administrator and Integrator; specialized in RedHat/Fedora.

I live in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Jalisco, México (near Guadalajara). I can offer my skills remotely.

I am willing to work by project, part-time or full-time. My favorite time of day is the evenings. I am a night owl and am happy to work on odd shifts.

# Experience
- CloudSigma: Recently. I was in charge of integrating their current software stack for the cloud. Basically KVM/Qemu hosts.
- (xpert) creations: I am in charge of their LEMP servers; all
successfully migrated from several ISPs into KVM/Qemu virtualized
- Tools Net: I was in charge of their infrastructure. Migrated from a
very old VMWare installation into a KVM/Qemu setup.
- Mexican Foodbank Association (AMBA): Was in charge of the
infrastructure, including mail, DNS and LAMP.
- Fedora: I am, currently, a Fedora packager.
- LinuxCabal: I started the PHP and Python groups. In charge of new
projects for this non-for-profit organization.

I'll synthesize a skillset for you and am happy to answer any queries
or question regarding these subjects:

# Basis
- Systemd and SysV
- Puppet
- Bacula/Bareos (automated backup system)

# Networking and Security
- DHCP and DNS (ISC of course)
- iptables, firewalld, SELinux, etc

# Virtualization
- KVM/Qemu/Libvirt
- OpenStack
- Kubernetes (podman, docker, kubeadm, ingress, longhorn, etc)
- GlusterFS, XtreemFS and Ceph (distributed filesystems)

# Web
- NginX and Apache
- MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL

# Programming and scripting
- Bash/Dash, PHP, Ruby, Crystal and Python
- A tiny bit of Go, C and C++

# Misc
- Fedora Packaging (RPM) and repo generation

I am happy to learn whatever is needed with a few exceptions:
- Java
- Oracle

# CV
Look up "Renich Bon Ciric" in linkedin.

# References
Look up "renich" in google.

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Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Provide access to installation server

We will need to install from scratch in order to ensure that encryption is implemented correctly, the server is minimal and only hosts the intended services.

Provide domain name and DNS access

We will need to be able to configure your DNS in order to publish DKIM and DMARC keys. We will, also, publish the OpenSSH signature for your servers.

Review the work, release payment, and leave feedback to Rene.