You will get a Shopify speed optimization and boost Shopify store


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Buy Ecommerce Performance & Security services from Shabbir ul, priced and ready to go.

You will get a Shopify speed optimization and boost Shopify store


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1 day delivery — Feb 25, 2024
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Ecommerce Performance & Security services from Shabbir ul, priced and ready to go.

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If you need the best scores for desktops & mobiles, also if you want your site to be best optimized, then you are at the right place.

Why is Speed Optimization Important for Shopify stores?

-Speed optimization will help you increase your web Search Engine Ranking on leading pages.
-User experience will be fast due to the speed optimization.
-Speed optimization will help you down the website's Bounce Rate, as Google suggested.
-Speed optimization will help you increase your sales and traffic by organic search.
- increase Gtmetrix and PageSpeed score as per google suggestion.

You will get the following advantages by using my Shopify speed optimization services:

-Quick loading time on GTmetrix

-A high score on google page speed

-Images compression and optimization with SEO optimized tags.

-Improved client experience

-10x better speed

-Higher rankings on search engine

-Enhanced database

-Coordinated CDN

-Minify HTML, CSS, javascript

-Enable Gzip Compression

All the work will be done without affecting store apps, traffic, and users.
Supported Plugin Types
Payment, Social Media, Dropshipping, Shipping, Customer Support, Marketing, Inventory, Analytics, Chat, Gallery, Form, Video, Finance, Membership, Music
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Delivery Time
1 day
1 day
1 day
Number of Revisions
Number of Operating Systems
Speed Optimization
Security Patch Installation
On-Page SEO
Software Version Upgrade
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David S.
Apr 26, 2023
Part-time developer for NextJS serverless app on Cloudflare Workers Working with Shabbir has been fantastic, we hope to work with him again!


Ike I.
Apr 13, 2023
Back End Engineer Freelancer is very good communicator, patient and hard working. I will recommend him highly.


Olzhas Y.
Nov 6, 2022
You will get develop an android and ios app using flutter It's a pleasure to work with such a professional. Job well done!


Ismail R.
Jul 7, 2022
Mobile App developer (Backend) Flutter, NoSQL, nodejs, python, API Shabbir was able to pay attention to details and execute task with diligence as per requirements. I will hire again


Mark S.
Jul 7, 2022
Build a website to verify leads who are eligible for my online training programming. Shabbir and his team did an amazing job. He is extremely hard working and was able to take care of any issues that came up during our time together. Couldnt recommend him enough!
Shabbir ul H.

About Shabbir ul

Shabbir ul H.
MAUI | Blazor | C# | Asp.netCore | Blazor WASM | smartcontract
86% Job Success
5.0  (16 reviews)
Manchester, United Kingdom - 10:27 am local time
With more than 15 years of experience in technology and development, I have contributed to many global technological initiatives, startups, and enterprise successes. This journey has equipped me with a diverse array of skills and has allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the tech industry.

Core Technological Expertise

Microsoft Technologies:
I am an experienced Microsoft developer who specializes in ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebAPI, Razor, and the groundbreaking Blazor framework. This experience includes Blazor Server, Hybrid, and MAUI hybrid apps.

Front-End Development:
I have honed my skills in leading front-end frameworks like Angular, React, VueJs, and Bootstrap. Among these, I take pride in my proficiency with MudBlazor – a lesser-known but highly effective tool, I consistently deliver top-quality results.

Data Solutions:
My expertise spans robust databases like SQL Server, Azure Cosmos, and Postgres, ensuring businesses benefit from scalable and resilient data architectures.

JavaScript & TypeScript:
I know front-end and back-end technologies. I offer a diverse skill set to projects, having developed web interfaces in JavaScript and TypeScript and backend solutions in Node.js.

CSS Frameworks:
While usefulness is important, aesthetics are too. I use CSS, notably the Tailwind CSS framework, to create stunning, fast websites.

A Tradition of Innovation
I've worked with high-management teams and developers in the Middle East, UK, USA, Canada, and Europe to develop many applications. I've worked on many projects, each of which has shaped my career. Let me highlight some key areas of my expertise:

Significant Contributions in Vast fields
Highly Scalable Backend Solutions:
The hallmark of my work is the creation of intricate, scalable backend systems. My expertise extends to designing architecture that can manage significant loads and ensure optimal performance even in demanding scenarios.

API Development:
APIs, in my perspective, serve as the key connections that enable modern software. I've been instrumental in developing APIs that facilitate communication between various components, facilitating seamless integration and data exchange.

Public Websites:
One of my strengths is creating public-facing websites that captivate users and effectively represent your brand. While I emphasize user-friendly designs, I equally prioritize representing the brand's ethos effectively.

Administration Systems:
Managing any digital ecosystem requires efficient administration. Over the years, I've developed top-quality administrative systems that intuitively simplify intricate tasks, ensuring that oversight and management are both effective and efficient.

Data Reporting Platforms:
I've been at the forefront of developing platforms that turn data into actionable insights. My platforms offer customizable, interactive reports to facilitate comprehension and analysis.

Third-party Integration:
In this age, seamless third-party integration is frequently required. I have effectively integrated multiple third-party APIs, facilitating seamless interactions and extending the functionality of applications.

Agile Methodologies for Success
One thing I've truly come to value over the years is the power of agile methodologies, which have contributed significantly to my consistent success. Here's how I utilize these strategies:

Precision in Estimation:
Agile practices afford me precision in estimating projects, which translates to realistic timelines and budgets.

Effective Time Management:
Emphasizing efficiency, the agile methodology aids me in task prioritization, ensuring timely deliveries.

High-Quality Products:
By following agile principles, I ensure that the final product not only meets but often exceeds client expectations, setting a gold standard for excellence.

Investing in Startup Success
Over my career, I have collaborated with more than fifteen firms and played a critical role in their success. When it comes to startups, my approach is multi-faceted. Here are some of the ways I have factored into the startup ecosystem:

Guiding Product Innovation:
The energy in startups? It's infectious. I genuinely enjoy guiding entrepreneurs, helping them fine-tune their ideas, prioritize the right features, and lay down a clear road-map for product development.

Technology Consultation:
The tech landscape is ever-evolving, and making the right choices is critical. Leveraging my years in the industry, I strive to offer insights that align technology decisions with a startup's goals and vision.

Navigating Challenges:
Startups always encounter unique challenges. I help young businesses solve technical issues and make smart decisions using my skills. I help organizations choose the finest solutions for their vision and goals as an experienced IT specialist.

Prepared for Future Partnerships
As technology changes, I'll keep challenging myself and encouraging creativity. I can help startups and established companies.

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Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Analysis of the old website speed.

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To check the website speed test with different tools.

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