You will get your cloud infrastructure and services terraformed : infra as a Code .

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You will get your cloud infrastructure and services terraformed : infra as a Code .


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7 days delivery — Dec 18, 2023
Revisions may occur after this date.
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Support & IT services from Youssef, priced and ready to go.

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You will get your infra scripted as terraform Code , so you can create and destroy you full infra without worrying about infra changes, versioning complexities and additional cloud services billing costs.  
Support & IT Services Cloud Services, Data Recovery, Helpdesk & Technical Support, Consultation, Other
Device Server/Hosting
Operating System Linux/Unix
Cloud Platforms Amazon Web Services, IaaS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, SaaS, Other
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Ankit M.
May 15, 2023
Deploy ML Git Repo on Azure ML


Venkatesh A.
May 15, 2022
Set up an instance of TimescaleDb and MinIO in a Docker Compose file


Morgan S.
Apr 26, 2022
Looking for an experienced Devops / Operations engineer


Morgan S.
Feb 2, 2022
Looking for an experienced Devops / Operations engineer Youssef has proven to be skillful and professional. Unfortunately his lack of availability impacted our project in a way that gave us no other choices to find a replacement.
The whole team thanks you for your work and wishes you good luck!


Phillip John T.
Jan 31, 2022
Azure Containers Setup For Protractor Testing Well done, for the short consultation work.  

About Youssef

Youssef B.
DevOps,Cloud : AWS,Docker,Kubernetes,k8s,AKS,Calico,Istio
74% Job Success
Sale, Morocco - 11:27 pm local time
DevOps & AI Team Leader, with over +8 years of successful experience in SaaS Development and Automation. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in Digital, Data, and e-commerce industries.

What I do :
Kubernetes Consultant :

Setup Production Grade Kubernetes Clusters : EKS/AKS/GKS ...
- Infra as Code using Terraform.
- Setup AutoScaler Architecture.
- Compute :
- NodeGroup.
- Fargate.
- SpotInstances.
- Networking :
- Private and Public VPCs ...
- SSL : auto provision ssl certificates :
- Cert-Manager.
- Integrate aws external-dns.
- Auto scaling management :
- aws-node.
- aws-load-balancer-controller
- aws-cluster-autoscaler
- ebs-csi-node
- ebs-csi-controller
- node-termination-handler
- IAM :
- Setup granular Access Agents
- Access Policies.
- Openid integration with eks.
- Setup Service Accounts for eks.
- Service Mesh :
- Setup Istio
- Ingress/Egress Control
- Traffic Management
- Deploy Jaeger,kiali,prometheus Integration.
- ….
- Setup Continuous Deployments:
- Using ArgoCD
- Setup Multi-stage cluster configuration
- Webhook integration with github
- Setup Deployment Pipeline
- Setup Cluster Security.
- Define Customized Pods Service Accounts with proper roles and cluster roles
- Define Network Policies.
- Setup Calico Security System

- Setup Apps Logging.
- Use Fluent-bit/Fluentd Daemonset
- Send Data to ElasticSearch instance deployed on AWS OpenSearch.
- Visualize Data using Kibana/Opensearch Dashboard
- Create Custom Fluent-bit Filters using Lua Scripts.

Cloud Consultant :
⦁ Support for AWS,GCP and Azure Platforms.
⦁ Setup Hight Availability and Secure installations.
⦁ Analyze a Multi Region distributed deployments.
⦁ Optimize Architectures to handle a world wide heavy utilization.
⦁ Analyze Cloud Resources Utilization and propose a set of cost optimizations and deployment recommendations.

DevOps Consultant :
⦁ Support for Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Docker, Ansible ...
⦁ Support Multi Stack technologies : Java, .NET, Nodejs, PHP, Python ...
⦁ Setup Full DevOps Pipelines : CI/CD , from Git to Cloud.
⦁ Setup infra as Code : Automate infrastructure Provisioning and Preparation.
⦁ Create an automated deployment system adapted to Enterprise-Level SaaS Services.
⦁ Automate infra preparation : install/config services.
⦁ DevSecOps : Automate infra and App Security Scanning and reporting.

AI/ML/DL Consultant :
⦁ Data Collection : Scraping, Crawling, ...
⦁ Data Processing : Scripting, ETL, Big Data Transformations ...
⦁ AI Model Selection : Select Optimal Model.
⦁ Data Preparation : Optimize Data presentation to optimize Model Learning.
⦁ AI Model Training/Testing/Deployment/Versioning.
⦁ Specialty in NLP AI Models : entity extraction , text summarization , multi label classification ...
⦁ Manage/Optimize cycle of model from dev and test to deployment.
⦁ Deploy AI Models as an http API Endpoint.
⦁ Deploy And integrate AI Services into data processing pipelines of production services.

System Administrator:
⦁ Linux Administration.
⦁ Database Management : MongoDB, MySQL, Redis ...
⦁ Web Servers Management : Nginx, Apache, IIS ...
⦁ System Monitoring : ELK stack, Graphana, Prometheus ...

I will be happy to help you and make your project more successful.

If you have any question , please feel free to contact me.


Steps for completing your project

After purchasing the project, send requirements so Youssef can start the project.

Delivery time starts when Youssef receives requirements from you.

Youssef works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Analyze infra for automation

Analyze infra for automation and give automation proposals and suggestions.

Create Terraform Code

- Create Terraform Code , version it on a git Repo. - Do tests on targeted cloud provider. - Version terraform State on a backend of you choice.

Review the work, release payment, and leave feedback to Youssef.