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Rishabh M.
Rishabh M. Rishabh M.

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You've done all the 'marketing' work: The customer is now on your product page.

But how do you convince him to click that “Add to cart” button?

Answer: With an effective product description.
If you get this right, your customer will feel an almost magical 'pull' to buy your product.

Remember: Your customers are real human beings — people with feelings, pains, and desires.
So don't just state your product’s value; make them EXPERIENCE it.

An epic product description is carefully crafted to make your audience feel, touch, smell and taste your product. When you get this right— they click Add to cart and Buy.
(Psst. That's my little secret to higher eCommerce sales.)

Platform eCommerce Store
Language English

Project steps

  • 1
    Information Gathering

    Provide me a list of features, benefits and other relevant information about your product.

  • 2
    Content Creation

    I create an epic product description based on the information you provided.

  • 3
    First Draft Delivery

    I submit my first draft for your review.

  • 4

    You list any changes or revisions you would like me to make.

  • 5
    Final Draft Delivery

    I submit a final draft.


  • 1
    Just send over all the relevant information about your product and target audience. Let's get you more sales with an epic product description!

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In today’s cluttered market, good writing isn’t enough.

You need 'Strategic Writing'— carefully crafted sentences that hook your customers and get more sales.

Hi there, I'm Rishabh.

Here's a quick fact: Most businesses are losing sales due to bad writing.

Even when their product is top-notch, they fail to show its true value to their customers.

The result: their audience doesn’t care about their brand.

Your business deserves better.

Your business deserves the RIGHT words.

That's where I come in: I'll help your brand stand out with a copy that's powerful, persuasive, and highly memorable.

Don't believe me? Here, Ask my clients:

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