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You will get fully tested website covering all the business usecases and even more

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Delivery Time 5 days
Number of Revisions 2
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Responsiveness Test
Vulnerability Test
Functionality Test
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Project details

You will get a fully tested website based not only on your/business needs but also covering all the possible use cases both positive and negative. You will get the full report for each test cycle and will be provided with the test plan and excellently structured bugreports.  
Testing Platform Website Testing
Device PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone

Project steps

Get the project specification

Discussion around the use cases

Creating the test plan based on the previous discussion

Performing the test cycle across the website and documenting the issues

Delivering the full bug report

Re-test if it was agreed


Are there any mockups or deployed website to look into it?
Any mobile/responsiveness testing needed for a websit

About Oleksii

Oleksii T.
Kiev, Ukraine - 8:43 pm local time
Kiev, Ukraine - 8:43 pm local time
Hello, guys!

My name is Alex.

I have more than 3.5 years of experience in testing different kind of software as QA Engineer. What I've tested and keep testing? These are:different types of websites, web apps on Rest API, Databases using SQL, mobile apps, AAA+ games. All kind of test design technics, testing levels are well known to me and I can operate them freely. Creating tech. docs is also not a problem.

I am skilled in using Jira, Asana for bug reporting. Different tools for design/responsiveness tests and some knowledge of performance testing is also what I can do.

Furthermore, I used to be a part of really big projects and can collaborate with devs efficiently, making really great proposals to optimize the final product and make it better.