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I have extensive experience in performing various calculations (both analytical and numerical) and solving different math problems. Within the framework of this project, you can get help in solving mathematical problems of any complexity.  
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Project steps

Gather details about the problem

Gathering information about the problem and requirements for the solution

Finding a solution

Selection of methods and development of a solution to the problem

Deliver first draft

Providing the first version of the solution

Incorporate edits

Making corrections based on comments made by the client

Deliver final draft

Providing the final version of the solution


To start a project, you should complete the following points:
1. clearly formulate your task; 2. explain what exactly you want to get as a result; 3. describe all the details of your problem and the requirements imposed on the solution

About Eugeny

Eugeny G.
Wolfram Mathematica expert, Physics and Mathematics (PhD)
Arkhangelsk, Russia - 1:57 am local time
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Arkhangelsk, Russia - 1:57 am local time
I'm a theoretical physicist, mathematician, PhD (Phys. & Math.), programmer, academic researcher, expert with over 20 years of experience programming in Wolfram Mathematica. I work at the university (in Russia) as an assistant professor.

I have extensive experience in:
- Teaching (university level) of various disciplines of Mathematics and Physics;
- Performing calculations, simulations, scientific research in various fields of Mathematics and Physics;
- Wolfram Language, C/C++, LaTeX;
- CAS: Wolfram Mathematica, MATLAB, Mathcad;
- HPC: CUDA, Hybrid OpenMP/MPI, PBS, Intel Xeon, Intel Xeon Phi;
- Analysis & Visualization of Data, Data Mining & Handling.