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Chris P.
Chris P.

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Here's the deal. Documentation is boring and often written from the perspective of someone who knows exactly what they're doing which, if we're being honest, is rarely the position the end user is in. Better documentation is engaging, fun, and instructive. It teaches by capturing the user's imagination.  
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    This is where I get to know you and your company, project, or goal. This might be where stakeholders have buy-in if we're in a bigger project.

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    Learnin' and Writin'

    This is where I put together your first draft.

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    This is where we discuss the draft and perform the first revision, which moves us towards the final draft. This phase might repeat several times for higher tiers.

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    This is where we release the finished product!


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    What, exactly, do you do? This could be your company ("We make Airbnb for dogs") or your project ("Our new game lets you pretend you're Dick Cheney").

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About Chris

King of Documents - Editor, Proofreader, Designer, Writer
Chris P.
King of Documents - Editor, Proofreader, Designer, Writer
Essex Junction, United States - 1:56 pm local time
Essex Junction, United States - 1:56 pm local time
Though you have lived your whole life in this small town, you have never gone to the old Victorian that sits atop the highest hill. You have heard tell of the strange folk that live there - but you've never seen them, as they don't come into town with the rest of you. But some nights, as you sit in the white gazebo in the town common, you gaze up at that ancient mansion and you see shadows flicker beyond the fraying drapery.

In this metaphor I'm the ... gazebo, I guess? Or, wait, no, I'm the mysterious figure in the house and you're the gazebo. You're in the gazebo. What I'm saying is, I'm a talented writer and editor who has spent over one-third of his life in Microsoft Word and at least one-fifth of it in Adobe InDesign. I have strong views on fontography and margins. Let's talk.