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You will get a Sekhem energy healing session


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Sekhem Healing 1:1 Session

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing Technique

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Sekhem is an adaptation of a wisdom system taught in temples in early Egyptian times. At that time, the word "Sekhem" was a method of connecting to higher consciousness, not direct healing. Sekhem was meant for the afterlife in ancient Egypt for the soul to pass to the other side free of the energy field.

In time, it meant clearing the energy field, getting rid of the burdens while living. This technique was transferred to ancient Egypt with the wisdom of Atlantean priests. This system is also the basis of the Reiki and Chakra systems.

What makes Sekhem different than other energy healing modalities is that it can work up to 12 energetic layers of being, it includes different layers of auric fields as well as other dimensions beyond time and space.

It is worth mentioning that energy healing techniques are not superior to each other. The same source is reached with different channels. The source is always one.

ATTENTION: Energetic healing methods cannot replace doctors under any circumstances. The address of medical disorders is always medical doctors.
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Matatea C.
Oct 31, 2023
You will get an "Inner Speak" energy healing session I feel blessed for crossing path with Gulnur and getting to experience her magic. I've tried several healing modalities in the past but never this one. It's gentle, mysterious and so revealing. The session exceeded my expectations. We are not meant to understanding with the mind everything that is happening during the session or follow the decoding process but that's part of design of this session. You are meant to surrender so we can receive and release what is needed in the moment. Everything that was released resonated so much, it moved me to feel seen in this way. To be cared for this way. Gulnur is a soul doctor. I highly recommend working with her and her gentle light.
Gulnur G.

About Gulnur

Gulnur G.
Multidimensional Energy Alchemy for Empaths, HSP, Lightworkers
5.0  (1 review)
Ankara, Turkey - 10:27 pm local time
Hello, soul friend! I'm thrilled to meet you. My name is Gülnur, which means 'holy-lighted rose' in Turkish. I'm basically a soul having a human experience on Earth, just like you. Apart from that, the closest words and identities that help me introducing myself can be a humanoid, starseed, heartworker, visionary; and from a more labelled perspective--an introverted empath, a highly-sensitive person, INFJ, and 4/6 Projector.
I know the struggle of the human journey both as a non-awakened and awakened introverted HSP and lightworker. From my perspective, both phases have their own challenges, and it’s definitely not easy to endure this alone. In my own journey, basically most of my childhood and teenage years were spent in confusion with existential crisis, inner conflicts, a deep sense of longing, homesickness, not fitting in to this world but still trying to find a place for myself, experiencing disappointment and failure again and again in all areas of my life, having constant breakdowns… As a result of these, my spiritual awakening hit in 2021; right after the tower moments starting with a sudden (but very prolonged) ending of a long-term karmic relationship, redirecting my career path, feminine physical imbalances/illnesses as a result of my mind-body-soul dissonance, and dealing with constant family health issues in my living environment every day (which are still ongoing in my external reality). I can’t count the amount of healing work and shadow work I’ve done, and the dark nights of the soul I endured before and after my awakening. For a long while, nothing seemed to change in my external reality. Because I forgot that I was still human. And this journey has no end or destination point. We’re always healing and evolving to a deeper version of ourselves purely aligned with Love. How beautiful is this?
Your Dharma is your whole existence; not just your career, not just your verbally explained mission, not just your gifts and abilities. There’s no destination. There’s no promise of external manifestations holding answers to questions like “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how.” One thing remains: The more our consciousness expands, the more we are able to connect the dots in our lives (both with those areas related to this lifetime and other parallel lives) to see clearly where we’ve been sabotaging our highest potential and connection with our Hearts and the Divine Love. As we are born in this world which is mostly programmed on materiality, superficial perspectives of intelligence, false definitions and narratives of such divine concepts like love, joy, passion, courage, trust, strength, power, respect, abundance, freedom etc., you can feel how our innate inner gifts are needed more than ever to be recognized, owned by our own selves, and shared with each other.
And with that inner calling to be of service to both my soul and humanity to heal and evolve together; in years I’ve been trained in multiple energy healing modalities as well as Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coaching. I’m here to remind you of the love you already have with all that you are—to rediscover yourself, meet your Heart and Soul, and let it guide you to your Dharma. In order to support this enormous transformation that your soul is ready to have, I’d be honored to serve as a conduit between your beautiful soul and the eternal life force for a multidimensional alignment, with any of these quantum/multidimensional energy healing/alchemy modalities (Usui Reiki, Sekhem Reiki, Inner Speak, and Compassion Key), if you are called to experience.
Remember, you are the door. And you are the key. But you are not what is behind that door.
Namaste… I honour the love within you. 🤍

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