You will get College Prep Study and Learning Skills

Norman G.
Norman G.

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You will get College Prep Study and Learning Skills

Norman G.
Norman G.

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Online Tutoring services from Norman, priced and ready to go.

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I am proud to offer my Comprehensive Concierge Programs that I created based on my 20+ years teaching as an English professor. These programs typically take place over a semester, a semester plus winter break, or a summer break.

Speed Reading and Comprehension Improvement (6 hours + outside work) lays out the foundation for the other programs and activates the learning process.

This program can be combined with either or both of the following programs, for totals of either 12 or 18 hours.

Study and Note-Taking Skills (6 hours + outside work), developed and taught at college level. This program includes examples of the most essential note-taking techniques from print, digital, and spoken word materials, all applicable to students’ own work.

Grammar Brush-Up (6 hours + outside work), improves your ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively in all forms of writing and speaking.

The three programs above are usually 6 hours plus outside work. However, very slow readers, non-native English speakers, and people with learning or processing differences will often need an additional two hours, increasing the program fee(s).
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Norman G.

About Norman

Norman G.
Independent Educational Consultant and Tutor
San Francisco, United States - 9:02 pm local time
For more than 30 years, I have followed my calling, tutoring and
teaching test prep, speed-reading, study skills, writing, grammar,
and vocabulary. I love my work because it enables me to connect
with unique individuals and determine their best paths to learning
whatever they need to.

The major tests I work on include the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT,
CBEST, CSET-MSAT. I also work with clients on Verbal (Reading
and Writing) sections of many other tests.

My tutoring programs for speed-reading, study and note-taking
skills, grammar, writing, and vocabulary include applying the skills,
strategies, and techniques to your own reading, assignments, and

My programs include work on:
*Anxiety reduction for high-stakes, high-stress tests and other difficult
*Assessing your strongest intelligences and how to best apply them
*Nutritional preparation to improve your focus

In addition, I have designed and led workshops and short courses
*Standardized test preparation
*Study and note-taking
*Grammar brush-up
*Vocabulary improvement

For 20 years, I was an assistant professor of English at Skyline
College where I taught reading, learning skills, grammar, basic
writing, and vocabulary. I was a GMAT test prep Instructor at
Gonzaga University, an instructor of speed-reading and note
taking for Stanford University, and an SAT reading and writing
instructor for USC. My workshops for Foothill-De Anza Community
Colleges included SAT, ACT, PSAT, Speed-reading, Grammar, and

I’ve worked with and helped hundreds of non-native speakers
on standardized test prep, speed-reading, study and note taking
skills, grammar, and writing. Additionally, I have worked with
people across the learning spectrum including those with dyslexia,
AD(H)D, auditory, visual, and other processing issues and learning

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