You will get a proven marketing campaign that increases referrals & retention

Lance G.
Lance G.

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Buy Marketing Strategy services from Lance, priced and ready to go.

You will get a proven marketing campaign that increases referrals & retention

Lance G.
Lance G.

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Marketing Strategy services from Lance, priced and ready to go.

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Referral & Retention Marketing are critical to businesses that are in growth mode. Our clients know referral & retention marketing should be a priority but they don't know where to engage or how to improve what they're currently doing. They tend to get bogged down in the details of how to do it or which platform to use and end up not doing much of anything. Once you turn your marketing efforts from PASSIVE Marketing to ACTIVE Marketing that's where clients start seeing results. We create campaigns that 'SETS' our clients up for conversations. The #1 way to generate referrals is to ask! We build opportunities for you to easily ASK for referrals. We develop and execute highly successful automated referral & retention marketing campaigns for our clients. We utilized marketing automation to streamline the process, enhance the user experience and generate an increase in overall referrals and retention.
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Lance G.
Automated Referral & Retention Marketing
Tulsa, United States - 8:18 pm local time
As a seasoned marketer, I wanted to share my insights on the power of referral and retention marketing. These strategies can significantly boost customer acquisition and loyalty, leading to sustainable business growth.
Referral marketing and customer retention go hand in hand when it comes to creating a strong customer base. When implemented effectively, they complement each other and contribute to the sustainable growth of a business.

I offer a personal, unique and different approach to referral & retention marketing.

When it comes to marketing there are two main strategies people ultize:
Passive & Active Marketing.

Passive Marketing - is primarily used to create brand visibility and awareness. The goal is to attract potential customers by making the brand visible to a broader audience without directly pushing for immediate action. e.g. Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, as well as automation.

Active Marketing- involves more direct efforts to engage potential customers or past clients. It focuses on actively pursuing potential leads and engaging with past clients to drive sales and generate referrals. e.g. Cold calling, email marketing, and direct marketing.

Both passive and active marketing have their advantages and are often used in combination to create a well-rounded marketing strategy. Our platform offers a balanced combination of both, Passive Marketing by automating the process for you, and Active Marketing by creating 'set up' opportunities to connect with prospects and clients.

A well-balanced marketing strategy leverages the strengths of each approach to maximize the overall effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

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