You will get Funded Kickstarter, GoFundMe Patreon, Indiegogo Campaign Promotion

Damilola O.
Damilola O. Damilola O.
Rising Talent

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You will get Funded Kickstarter, GoFundMe Patreon, Indiegogo Campaign Promotion

Damilola O.
Damilola O. Damilola O.
Rising Talent

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Other Crowdfunding services from Damilola, priced and ready to go.

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Embark on a triumphant crowdfunding journey with expertise in Funded Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Patreon, and Indiegogo Campaign Promotion. Experience success through meticulous Crowdfunding Funnel Setup and Campaign Setup on various platforms.

Are you ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign that exceeds your expectations? Look no further! As an accomplished crowdfunding specialist, I possess the skills and dedication to surpass your financial objectives while attracting devoted supporters.

Why Choose Me? 🎯

✔️Fast communication
✔️ Demonstrated Success.
✔️ Market Insight: Committed to harnessing the power of knowledge.

Campaign Setup:

I collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs and craft a bespoke campaign tailored to your specific goals. Moreover, I offer ongoing support throughout the campaign lifecycle, ensuring success from launch to completion.

Let's discuss your campaign and devise a plan for unparalleled success.

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Sunday S.
Mar 10, 2024
Experienced project leader/manager for Crowdfunding Campaign (Kickstarter) Damilola is as experienced as a project leader in his crafts. Attentive, reliable, and professional and qualities of many. His skills and experience are what am looking for in the growth and advancement within the company. I would refer him and use his expertise again.
Thanks once again Damilola.
Damilola O.

About Damilola

Damilola O.
Crowdfunding | Equity Fundraising | Kickstarter | Indiegogo | WeFunder
5.0  (1 review)
Lagos, Nigeria - 1:21 pm local time
** Stop wasting money on Low-quality Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing Which won't get results''

There are almost 5 billion philanthropic donors and supporters right now who are ready to support and give funds to the StartUp Campaign. Yes, you read that correctly. 💥Now, I can talk about my 6+ years of experience ina crowdfunding campaigngn anfundraising expertrt with a focus on GoFundMe campaign management, Indiegogo campaign building, Kickstarter marketing, Patreon Campaign, and more. I can talk about my promise to you that I will create an engaging, compelling, and high-quality campaign from scratch. I can even talk about my confidence in providing you with guaranteed satisfaction throughout our time working together.

💰💰🥇 Experienced crowdfunding campaign creator offering the entire campaign page build-up from scratch. I have professional design and expert copywriting skills and have been working in the crowdfunding industry since 2020 on many successful and funded projects.

I understand what works on popular crowdfunding campaign platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Fundly, Patreon, and many others. Let me help you secure funding for your crowdfunding project by targeting it towards your desired crowdfunding audience. 💰💰

👇🏻 Which platforms am i working on?
✅ Kickstarter
✅ GoFundMe
✅ Indiegogo
✅ And many other Crowdfunding Platform..........

🔥🔥Instead, let me give you the exact strategies I use to get my clients organic results:

1) Facebook
2) Instagram
3) Twitter
4) LinkedIn, and many more
5) Crowdfunding Banner Ads (At 2 Different State)

👨‍🎓👨‍🎓 Crowdfunding campaign marketing and promotion skills include but are not limited to:

✔Crowdfunding Campaign marketing and promotion
✔Crowdfunding campaign creation
✔Crowdfunding campaign Landing page design
✔Crowdfunding campaign content creation
✔Crowdfunding campaign pitch
✔Crowdfunding campaign copywriting
✔ Crowdfunding campaign Backlinking
✔Crowdfunding campaign video creation
✔Crowdfunding campaign video editing
✔Kickstarter Campaign Creation
✔Kickstarter campaign copywriting
✔Kickstarter video creation
✔GoFundMe campaign creation
✔GoFundMe campaign copywriting
✔GoFundMe video creation
✔GoFundMe campaign Landing page design
✔Indiegogo campaign creation
✔Indiegogo copywriting
✔Indiegogo video creation
✔Fundraising Marketing
✔Fundraising video creation
✔Indiegogo Campaign Manager
✔ Crowdfunding Consultant
✔ Fundraising Specialist
✔ Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy
✔Crowdfunding Promotion
✔ Crowdfunding Marketing
✔Crowdfunding Video Production
✔Crowdfunding Campaign Market Research, Analysis, and Lead Generation;
✔Public and Media Relations
✔Kickstarter Consultant
✔Indiegogo Consultation
✔Fundraising Copywriter
✔Crowdfunding Campaign Content Creation
✔Crowdfunding pre-launch and post-launch marketing
✔Crowdfunding Email Blasting
✔Crowdfunding Campaign Redesign
✔Investor pitch deck design and writing for Crowdfunding campaign
✔Crowdfunding Patreon Campaign
✔Crowdfunding Patreon Promotion
✔Crowdfunding Patreon Creation
✔Crowdfunding Patreon Account Setup
✔Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Marketing
✔ Crowdfunding Live Campaign Promotion
✔ Kickstarter Pre-Launch Marketing
✔ Kickstarter Live Campaign Promotion
✔ Indiegogo Pre-Launch Marketing
✔ Indiegogo Live Campaign Promotion
✔ Wefunder Pre-Launch Marketing
✔ Wefunder Live Campaign Promotion
✔ StartEngine Pre-Launch Marketing
✔ StartEngine Live Campaign Promotion
✔ Launchgood Live Campaign Marketing
✔ GoFundMe Live Campaign Marketing
✔ Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing and Promotion
✔ Fundraising Campaign Marketing and Promotion
✔ Crowdfunding PR Media Outreach

4 Types Of Crowdfunding Marketing Skill

🌟 Crowdfunding Campaign Email Marketing
🌟 Crowdfunding Campaign Social Media Marketing
🌟 Crowdfunding Campaign Web Promotion/Link Promotion
🌟Crowdfunding Billboard Ads (At 3 States)


✔ Crowdfunding Landing Page Design,
✔ Crowdfunding Form Page Design
✔ Crowdfunding Data Analytics
✔ Crowdfunding Newsletter/Campaign design
✔ Crowdfunding Donor Lead Generation and List building
✔ Crowdfunding campaign A/B testing

🚀 Leveraging my digital marketing proficiency in email marketing, social media promotion, and web promotion, as well as my specialized expertise in crowdfunding campaign marketing, your fundraising initiative won't merely achieve its financial objectives 💰💰— it will surpass them. Let's not only promote your project but also forge a lasting legacy. 🌟

💰💰 Whether you're a crowdfunding startup, inventor, or creative visionary, we have the expertise to turn your crowdfunding campaign or fundraising dream into a reality.

💬 Let's connect to elevate your campaign or product, boost online visibility, and drive conversions. I believe in my experience, quality, and professionalism.🎉💐

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Damilola works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

After purchasing the project, send requirements so DAMILOLA start working

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DAMILOLA works on your project following the steps below.

Step 1 Crowdfunding Campaign Goal Crafting Step 2 Crowdfunding Platform SetUp And Crowdfunding Design Step 3 Delivery

Review the work, release payment, and leave feedback to Damilola.