You will get Pinterest Marketing That Gives You High Traffic

Mitali D.
Mitali D.
This project $499
  • Delivery Time 30 days
  • Management Duration (Days) 1
    • Page/Channel Evaluation
    • Schedule Posts
    • Action Plan
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Fund the project upfront. Mitali gets paid once you are satisfied with the work.

Project details

I will use Pinterest for promoting your ideas and get followers and traffic to your business using relevant skills and experience to give you the results you've been looking for.

From running ads to engaging audience, lets engage your audience and drive a huge traffic within a short time. I will analyze your Pinterest audience to find users who are most likely to engage with our brand and content, BOARD-BY-BOARD.
Social Platform Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

Project steps

  • 1

    I will regularly pin high resolution images to various targeted boards when your audience is active on the platform

  • 2

    Vertical pins are good for Pinterest. Pinterest says 600 x 900 pixels is optimal – or any 2:3 aspect ratio. When you pick images for Pinterest, think vertically!

  • 3

    SEO rich board names and a right number of relevant boards and with highly engaging content in them. I will pin relevant pictures to the boards.

  • 4

    Relevant and specific hashtags tailored just for your business needs. With SEO optimized keywords to get you ranked right on top, and your account would never miss the top place whenever someone searches for the keyword you target

  • 5

    Tracking analytics every month minimum, every two weeks. Review and Optimize.

  • 6

    Run Ads to get the maximum ROI. TRAFFIC and SALES, raining in!


  • 1
    1. Website Link
    2. Pinterest Login Information
    3. Target Audience
    4. Ads Budget (Daily and Monthly)
    5. Tailwind Account Details (If available)

About Mitali

Mitali D.
Website Copywriter and Brand Story Specialist
Website Copywriter and Brand Story Specialist
Nagpur, India - 7:07 pm local time
You and I have one thing in common:
We hate content that doesn't explain well, engage, or convert.

Let's fix it then.

I know, you’d have mastered the art of copywriting if only you had time left to do so after responding to emails, preparing reports, attending business meetings, and working on new products.

I know, you could have made your copy crisp and stellar ALL BY YOURSELF.

But your list of daily tasks is endless.

That’s where I can help you.

I am a B2B copywriter who helps businesses convey their message to their audience in a crystal clear manner.

But why should you choose to work with me over all the others out there?

-- Because your business deserves content from a writer who is willing to spend enough time to understand it as deeply as you do. And unless you plan to clone your brain and put it into a writer's head, I can prove to be your best choice

-- Not just tech, I have a knack for creative writing as well. This makes me a stellar business writer. I blend creativity with technology to produce crispy, juicy content that is engaging and sellable.

-- I write persuasive content that leads readers to take action; be it signing up on your platform, buying your product, sending you an email, or ordering you a pizza.

-- Plus, I use metaphors like pineapples on cakes, not on pizzas.

On the personal side, I love books, Italian food, Game of Thrones, adventure sports and mountains.

Find my style interesting? Let's pour some of it into your business.

Here are the perks of working with me:
- Superfast delivery of work.
- No fluff, only research-backed quality content.
- Persuasive copy that inspires action
- Quick response time for your queries
- Business ideas and feedback.
- Free content tips.
- Creative Design Ideas (if needed)
- Inspiration to live a happier and stressfree life. :)