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  • Delivery Time 6 days
  • Number of Revisions 3
  • Number of Words 1000
  • Number of Focus Keywords 8
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A well written piece of copy is an effective tool to drive sales and growth in your business - I want you to experience these benefits which is why I want to help you create copy.
You will get a well researched, excellently crafted, and highly effective piece of copy - copy which creates an emotional connection with readers and convinces them to trade their money for value (your products/goods/services).
Let's do this together!
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Project steps

  • 1
    Getting to know you and your business

    First, you will tell me about 'you': I. Your name - There has to be a personal connection, right? II. Your business - What is your business about? What products/services do you sell?

  • 2
    The Purpose

    Why do you want copy? Is it for sales or product description purposes? Is it for your Brand's landing page(s)? Is it for your Brand's social media pages?

  • 3
    Project Requirements and Essentials

    These are the materials (videos, links, documents, keywords) which I need from you to ensure a successful project.

  • 4
    Project Goal

    Emotion is a much more potent force than logic in getting people to buy a product. People buy things because of how it makes them feel. I will seek to create a personal connection between your readers and what you are selling. Expect winning copy!

  • 5
    First Draft Delivery

    For the starter tier, you will get the first draft (for your revision) in 3 days. For the standard tier, you will get it in 2 days. For the advanced tier, you will get it in 2 days also.

  • 6

    If you: a. notice any errors, mistakes or omissions b. are not comfortable with any aspects of the draft, feel free to inform me so I can begin editing.

  • 7
    Final Draft Delivery

    By this time, our combined efforts must have paid off. I will deliver the final draft on which we would have hit all the goals which we discussed at the beginning of the project.


  • 1
    For what purpose do you need Copy?
  • 2
    If your answer in question 1 was others, please explain in detail what you need my expertise for.
  • 3
    What is your target audience? Feel free to explain.
  • 4
    Please provide me with the needed keywords for the project.
  • 5
    Give me an overview of your goals and targets for the project.

Frequently asked questions

About Ayodeji

Ayodeji O.
Iowa City, United States - 3:29 pm local time
Iowa City, United States - 3:29 pm local time
Hi, welcome to where your money meets premium value.

Money is mostly hard earned-trust me, I understand that. This is why you place a great deal of importance on what you spend money on.

You always seek commensurate value for your money. I do too, and I can help you with that (value) when it comes to your copywriting needs.

I have a knack for getting into the minds of your target audience; seeing through their eyes and identifying what they want to see, what they want explained - I translate these into words which drive consumer behavior in your favor.

When we begin working together, I would need to know a lot about your business and your target audience.

After that, I will look into the needs and problems of your prospective customers with the mind of understanding their point of view.

Next, I will investigate their objections - what makes them hesitant/concerned with a view to addressing these concerns and allaying their fears .

And finally, I will spin the enormous body of research gotten from the steps above into an empathetic and persuasive piece of copy which wins.

I am a specialist copy writer in both niches below:
a. Health and Fitness
b. Healthcare and Medical

In need of awesome copy writing services? Seek no more; You are at the right place.
Simply click on the green 'Hire me' button and let's get to work.