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Cherry C.
Cherry C.
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Project details

Overseas companies can register Wechat Service Account now. The registration can be completed through Tencent's official platform. I will help your company complete the account registration and get the account verified by working with a Wechat agency.

Upon receipt of your offer, I will send you a guideline for your company to prepare the information and documents required.
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Project steps

  • 1
    Communicate with your company to clarify your questions if needed.

  • 2
    Provide the guideline about the information and documents required.

  • 3
    Review the information and documents provided by your company.

  • 4
    Symchronize with your company to complete the account registration.

  • 5
    Submit the registration information to Tencent to get the account verified.

  • 6
    Deal with other issues that might arise till the account is activated.


  • 1
    To save both time, please review my description, pricing, and FAQs for the project first. If your company agrees with the price and is interested in proceeding, please confirm the following questions first.
  • 2
    Does your company accept the project price?
  • 3
    Where is your company located in?
  • 4
    What is your company's business?
  • 5
    Could you please send me your company's website?
  • 6
    Is your company going to set up an advertising account as well?

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About Cherry

Job Success
Top Rated
Guangzhou, China - 9:05 am local time
As a native Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) freelancer, I am an honest and detail-oriented person with high passion and loyalty in work.

I am good at English-Chinese translating and copywriting. A variety of documents include website content, marketing material copy, legal document, business proposal, PPTs, press releases, etc. My specialty areas that range from manufacturing, trading, to business, marketing, advertising, exhibition, market research, consulting, e-commerce, etc.

Here are some highlights of my qualifications and experience.

# More than 15 years of work experience and good at translation and copywriting both in Chinese and English

# Experienced in translation of various documents from English to simplified and traditional Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) or vice versa, particularly of website content, marketing materials, and general articles

# Over 3 years of article writing experience as an English journalist at an advertising company, which published over 10 B2B publications that were distributed among overseas buyers and Chinese manufacturers across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan territory

# Experienced in writing articles in English and Chinese, including cover story, company interview, product introduction, brand story, company profile, press release, market report, etc.

# Familiar with social media platforms like Linkedin, Wechat and Weibo by managing accounts on the platforms and posting compelling content to promote brand, product, service, etc.

# Solid knowledge and experience in event management, including formulating and executing marketing campaigns for trade shows, seminars, new product launch event, and other public activities alike

# Experienced in media planning, including media research and contact, advertisement placement, and articles distribution through various online channels such as websites, forums, Wechat public account platform, Weibo, and other social platforms

# Have successful track records with several clients including trading company, translation agency, trade show organizer, e-commerce website, market research and consulting service provider, etc., helping them to translate their websites, marketing materials, transcriptions, or other documents

I am committed to providing you with English-Chinese translation, social media marketing, product sourcing, and market research service with high quality and reliability.