You will get a Super-researched, Native Sounding and Playfully Engaging Automotive Blog


You will get a Super-researched, Native Sounding and Playfully Engaging Automotive Blog


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What most people don’t get is that there are two kinds of car blogs:

1. A run-of-the-mill mundane and monotonous one like a research paper from a science journal, that gets lost in the abyss without any traction.

2. Now imagine a car blog written as Gordon Ramsey talking about Beef Wellington…a piece of supreme quality, drafted carefully to captivate the reader with matchless car expertise.

Why should you expect the latter one from me?

There's a reason for that!

You see before I pen down my first word, I launch a super thorough research to dig up clues on the targeted audience.

This is not just 'do a few Google searches and pretend to be know-it-all” research.

To figure out audience's vernacular, pain points and gain points, I dip into Reddit communities to Facebook groups….

Reading and jotting down comments and posts etc. I carve an ICP that drives the blog’s tone and structure.

This deep dive into your audience's personas only benefits in one thing: content with a flawless crisp tone.

Blog that feels like articulated by an expert of car industry.

These audience’s hot buttons coupled with adv. copy-writing techniques results in only one thing.

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Nicole D.
Nov 2, 2022
SEO Content Writer - Powersports/Automotive Industry (Polaris Ranger, CanAm Commander, F150 etc


Jama M.
Jul 25, 2022
Looking for a smart and dedicated content writer for a blog Very diligent, very willing to make changes until the piece was perfect.  

About Kashif

Kashif E.
Expert Blog Copy Writer | SEO Content Writer | Designed to Sell
Kohat, Pakistan - 4:14 pm local time
An awful lot of times clients have complaints from freelance writers that go like

“The content was all very surface level.”
“The writer couldn’t speak to our customers.”
“It took so much revision, it would have been easier/quicker/cheaper to write it ourselves.”
“The writer didn’t make us seem like experts.”

Have you ever wondered, why this happen?

Why do complaints and bad matches so frequently happen even after so many careful & scrutinizing layers of hiring

I can explain, but before I tell you the actual reason, let me ask you a question

A question that would really help you hire a writer the one you are looking for:


What are you basically looking for in your content/copywriter?

Does that ring any bells?

Wait..let me put it in a different way:

What's that one quality? That one real quality of a writer that seals the deal for you..

That 'Oh' moment when you suddenly decide ‘ Yesss.. This is THE one, I trust to paint my brand’s picture with words’

Is it Good Grammar? SEO Skills? or maybe Beautiful Vocabulary?

What was really the first thing that just came to your mind when I asked these questions?

And no, don't start thinking I would try to guess your answer, I don't know, I am no Houdini

But what I do know is what you should REALLY be looking for!

But before I go into that here's a very brief (and very boring) intro about me:
"I’m Kashif Ehsen, less content writer and more direct-response copywriter, been writing for years, but more about me later"

So back to content writing, The HOLY Grail of SEO!

Content writing and its marketing have been around long enough now that I can bet a thousand bucks that If anyone… from anywhere… was ever… only remotely.. interested in internet marketing, the one thing they must have already attempted in some shape or form is…..Content Writing

So what is that one MUST-HAVE quality you should look for when hiring a freelance content writer and why do most people end up having the most usual complaints, already shared above

Let me spill the beans (finallyyy!)

It's because recruiters miss the most important bit when hiring a writer

They Are NOT hiring any regular Employees But What they are actually hiring is what's commonly called ‘Artist’

Writers are Artists, period

Imagine scrutinizing artists based on their grammar, words per day, sentence structure, and enthusiasm… but neglecting the prime quality of CREATIVITY

No! I am not saying a writer shouldn’t have exquisite grammar, churn out 3000 plus words per day and be enthusiastic about their job!

But do you think in a world of 4,400,000 internet blogs per day (fact), only good writing skills are enough to rank your blogs & articles?

Let me be very straightforward, "Until your content is a piece of art that awestruck the reader with whimsical lines and provides value with top-notch research-based magic of words, it's going to have a pretty hard time even ranking for LOW KD keywords"

Get this by an example of when I was asked to write a CTA for ‘schedule a meeting for a service landing page

Easily, I could have used probably the most cliched line ever, repeated over a Gazillion times:

"Schedule a 30 Minutes Free Call with Us

Instead, I gave my creative muscles a quick jolt and came up with:

"Let OUR Experts Be YOUR Experts! Totally FREE for 30 Minutes"

The second line actually gives a different perspective with the same call to action, the leads on the landing would now clearly know what they are getting and it has been showcased in an ingenious way and this is called dancing with words

So, if you want the highest quality content with Supreme level research written with Creative copywriting intent, that carries your name and brand with a persona you would love:

I’m here at your service!

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