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Rakibul H. Rakibul H.
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Delivery Time 2 days
Number of Revisions 2
Number of Thumbnails 5
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It is important to make your thumbnail is as engaging as possible while also using your thumbnail to explain the video. Because on YouTube, viewers will look at the thumbnail before they read the video title. I create engaging thumbnails for you  
Social Platform YouTube
File Format JPG, PDF, PNG

Project steps

General discussion

We will have a general discussion first about your channel, video types, targeted viewers, their profession and their age. This will help me to choose the right set of color and graphics for your youtube thumbnail.

Starting the peoject

As long as we are clear about everything from our general discussion, I will be able to start on the project.

Project delivery

I will deliver the first round of the draft at the delivery date, you can either ask for a revision if needed or just upload the thumbnails directly to your video. Most of the time, my clients are happy with the first go.


Title of the videos and a short description what's the video about.
What type of video do you create? (e.g: Tutorial videos, Product review, technical explanation)
Do you have your branding guidelines? colors, fonts, etc, if yes, please attach below.
Do you have your branding guidelines? colors, fonts, etc. Type below (if you don't have something to attach above)
Your channel link
Who is your target audience?

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to give you access to my Youtube?

There is no need for that, I can create thumbnails without login in to your channel. But yes, if you need a hand and want me to upload the thumbnails for you, I will need access to your channel as a manager.

Can you do this faster?

Yes of course, but in the process of design, I need to research and understand your target viewers. What color do they like, what's their common interests etc. So yes, it takes time. But yes, I only need research for the first time.

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Rakibul H.
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Barisal, Bangladesh - 2:03 am local time
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As a Sales and Marketing Designer, I can say that marketing and design are like espressos and milk. A complete cycle has to include a well-designed product/service, an effective marketing strategy, and a good user experience. More and more business owners are spending money and time on their brands’ visual presence. It is important to do it uniquely and professionally so that the business can stand out in the market. In this case, I help with the Sales and marketing design related services listed below.

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