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Go Web Programming FAQs

What is web programming?

Web programming involves creating modules, websites, server and web client scripts, and other digital assets in programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. Professionals who provide these services tend to develop bespoke products that offer one-of-a-kind experiences for users who visit the resulting websites.

What services do web programmers offer?

Web programmers typically offer basic provisions, such as website programming or web client scripting. Some may offer other services such as network and website security, server-side scripting, and reviewing code from other web programmers. Services in this vein are often sought after due to the quality of products they are able to create.

Web programming services are often more costly than website builder or custom website and CMS software services, however.

What should I prepare before using web programming services?

Generally, professional web programmers ask clients to bring a basic sketch of the website design that they envision. If that’s outside your budget and realm of expertise, you should at least provide a short brief for the web programmer. Such briefs tend to include your design requirements (e.g. a search bar, a fully functional e-commerce site, a functional community section).

How do I find the right web programming services?

Finding the right web programming services can take a bit of time, but it’s generally a worthwhile pursuit. You’ll need to determine your design requirements—ideally accompanied by a basic site sketch. Other elements to help you find and successfully work with the right web programmer include:
  • Examples of sites similar to the company’s desired site
  • Time to sort through and interview candidates
  • Resources to onboard web programming specialists, whether freelancers or employees
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