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Free online tools to help run your business

Estimate your project costs and calculate your business performance metrics using our free calculators below.

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Budget Calculators

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Marketing Budget Calculator

Calculate the spend for various marketing channels.

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Staffing Agency Calculator

Get estimated staffing agency markup rates.

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Startup Cost Calculator

Estimate the cost required to set up a Startup business.

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Website Cost Calculator

Estimate the costs associated with setting up a website.

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Website Design
Cost Calculator

Get an estimated cost for designing a website

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Business Planning Calculators

CLTV Calculator

Find CLTV for your business.

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Conversion Rate Calculator

Get insights for your website or campaigns conversion rate.

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CPM Calculator

Calculate the CPM (Cost per mile) of your ad campaigns.

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CPA Calculator

Calculate the cost per acquisition/action.

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CTR Calculator

Get the click through rate (CTR) for your campaigns.

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Profit Margin Calculator

Calculate profit margin for your products.

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YouTube Money Calculator

Calculate the estimated earnings from your YouTube Channel!

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Cost of Vacancy Calculator

Calculate potential revenue losses due to vacant positions.

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Calculators for Freelancers

Freelance Tax Calculator

Estimate your tax obligations based on current self-employment tax rates in the United States.

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Freelance Rate Calculator

Establish your minimum hourly freelance rate.

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Upwork Fee Calculator

Calculate Upwork’s Freelancer fees.

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Upwork Fee Calculator

Calculate the Upwork’s Freelancer fees.

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