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Bring your own team to oDesk and guarantee payment and work


    Are you an employer?

    Integrate your contractors and in-house staff with your oDesk team and:

  • Pay only for hours worked - gain realtime visibility into work being done
  • Consolidate your contractors to one source - reduce administrative overhead
  • Coordinate your in-house team with your remote contractors in a true collaborative environment
  • Focus on the work - let us take care of paperwork and taxes
    Are you a contractor?

    Bring your existing clients to oDesk and:

  • Guarantee payment - Every hour worked* on oDesk is an hour paid
  • Automate your invoicing - let oDesk's work diary be your billing system
  • Get paid promptly - oDesk pays on a weekly basis for all time worked
  • Better serve your clients - oDesk's team room and work diary show that you're doing what you're being paid for

How do I bring my team to oDesk?

Add employees: Go to the Team Admin tab and click "Invite a New User."
Add contractors to work diaries/pay system: Have them create profiles, then hire them to your team.

How much does it cost?

Adding in-house employees to your oDesk team room - free.
Adding non-oDesk contractors: Paying through oDesk works (and costs) the same as for oDesk contractors.

*Payments are guaranteed for verifiable hourly jobs properly logged in the work diary.

Can oDesk support W-2 employees?

Yes. Click here to learn about the oDesk Payroll program.