Love the way you work.


Owner, Acme Inc.

Expands his team and grows his business.


Independent contractor

Builds her career on oDesk.

Need more resources?

Meet George.

George manages a web design agency.

He needs to build a qualified team, at competitive rates.

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Post a job.

George posts jobs for free on oDesk and receives more than 10 candidates per job.

Each candidate has a profile with verified Work history and feedback.

After reviewing profiles, cover letters, portfolios, and skill test scores, he contacts the most qualified candidates.

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Hire Talent.

After a few emails and online chats he's most impressed with Sergey and his team of developers in Russia, and Christine, an independent PHP developer in the Ukraine.

He clicks "hire" and starts assigning work on a flexible hourly basis.

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Manage your Team.

Sergey and Christine log in when they are working.

George can literally see the work in their Work Diaries - screenshots and memos are recorded as they work.

He knows his new hires are being productive and are on the right track.

George is amazed at the level of visibility!

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Pay Weekly.

Each week, George reviews a timelog.

Everything looks great and George pays oDesk. oDesk retains 10% of the payment and sends the rest to Christine and Sergey.

He has no complicated paperwork to deal with — oDesk's agreement includes NDAs and IP rights, and oDesk handles the 1099s and year-end tax reporting.

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Grow your Business!

George built a high-quality remote team he could trust and is now growing his business, taking on new clients while providing top-notch service.

He's now looking to oDesk to hire the designers and SEO specialists he needs.

oDesk's tools make it affordable and easy.

Post a Job

Find a Contractor

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Find the right people or bring your own

Select professionals based on work history, portfolio, feedback ratings, and test scores. Hire once or build a team!

Work together as if you're in the same office

Pay only for time verifiably spent working for you! oDesk's unique Work Diary is the key to knowing that time billed is time worked.

Pay only for time worked

Pay only for time verifiably spent working for you. It's secure, accurate and safe.