Love the way you work.


Owner, Acme Inc.

Expands his team and grows his business.


Independent contractor

Builds her career on oDesk.

Looking for interesting jobs?

Meet Christine.

She is an experienced PHP developer in Ukraine and has been working on local jobs.

She is interested in opportunities that expose her to cutting-edge projects and technologies. But they are not available in her local market.

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Find a Job.

Christine discovers oDesk, where she can build a strong reputation while working on interesting jobs. She enjoys guaranteed payments and the security of thousands of jobs becoming available on a daily basis.

She signs up, creates a profile and takes a few skills tests - all for free. Now she is ready to apply to some of the great jobs available on oDesk.

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Leave the Billing to oDesk.

Christine interviews and lands an exciting programming job on George’s team at the Acme Design Agency.

She signs in to George’s team room on oDesk when she is working, so that her hours are automatically logged and billed to him.

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Build long-term relationships.

Over time, Christine becomes an important part of George’s team, working full-time. Working on an hourly basis, Christine bills time as she works.

There is no need to quote each job individually and her hours are tracked in her work diary. Since Christine is working on an hourly basis, oDesk guarantees prompt payment.

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Get paid weekly - Guaranteed.

Christine gets paid weekly. She can withdraw funds directly via the low cost oDesk Bank Transfer, or through PayPal, Moneybookers, or Payoneer — It’s her choice.

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Grow your Career.

George is very happy with Christine’s performance and gives her great feedback... and a raise!

oDesk helps Christine build trust with her clients. She can build a steady and fruitful career earning money and growing her expertise — worldwide.

Find a Job!

Create your Profile!

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Find the right people or bring your own

Select professionals based on work history, portfolio, feedback ratings, and test scores. Hire once or build a team!

Work together as if you're in the same office

Pay only for time verifiably spent working for you! oDesk's unique Work Diary is the key to knowing that time billed is time worked.

Pay only for time worked

Pay only for time verifiably spent working for you. It's secure, accurate and safe.