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Big Commerce - Powering Over 10,000 Successful Online Stores   The Company: Used by over 10,000 successful businesses, BigCommerce is the all-in-one shopping cart software with dozens of built-in marketing tools. Launch your own online store and sell your products not just on your website but also on eBay, Facebook, and Shopzilla using its built-in email marketing, search engine optimization and social media tools. You can try it free for 15 days, no credit card required.

The Partnership: oDesk recommends Big Commerce's shopping cart software for oDesk users that are looking to launch an online storefront or upgrade to a new solution. BigCommerce recommends oDesk to its customers that need SEO, API integration, customization, and design expertise.

Payoneer - Global Payments Made Easy   The Company: Payoneer provides an international payment solution to various web businesses and other companies. This solution enables quick and easy payments via either Prepaid MasterCardÃ��Ã�® or local bank transfer. Payoneer enables affordable online payments — granting ease for both its partners and their payees in over 190 countries.

The Partnership: We have partnered with Payoneer to enable our contractors to withdraw their earnings directly to reloadable oDesk prepaid MasterCard���® cards. oDesk contractors can use their cards to spend or withdraw money in their local currency anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

SurveyMonkey - Create smart, professional surveys with ease   The Company: Gain the insights you need to start making better decisions today, with the world's most popular online survey solution. Powerful enough for the advanced researcher, yet simple enough for the survey novice, SurveyMonkey makes it quick and easy to gather quality feedback on just about anything. There's no software to install and the basic survey package is always free. Create your free online survey or questionnaire today at

The Partnership: We think that SurveyMonkey is a great resource for employers and contractors to gather feedback. From contractor qualification questionnaires to project feedback surveys, SurveyMonkey's free and professional online survey tools work great with oDesk to help manage feedback efficiently. SurveyMonkey is also an oDesk user and recommends oDesk to its users looking for business and productivity resources.

OutRight - Simple online bookkeeping software   The Company: Outright is a simple, online accounting web site designed specifically for entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and very small businesses.  It helps you track sales and business deductions, get organized for tax time, and deal with estimated taxes each quarter.

The Partnership: oDesk is proud to recommend Outright's simple online bookkeeping solution. Whether you are a employer or a contractor running your own small business, Outright's solution lets you focus on growth while Outright handles the books. Outright will even import your oDesk financial activity to save you the time of entering the data manually.

Assembla   The Company: Assembla provides online workspaces to accelerate the work of distributed software teams, consultants, and outsourcers. Their suite of best-of-breed tools and process include subversion and git code repositories, ticketing, collaboration, and management. Assembla workspaces offer a unified view of activities, and raise a distributed team to face-to-face levels of productivity.

The Partnership: oDesk is proud to offer integrated Bugzilla and SVN repositories with every Team Room, but we know that some of our users want more control over their code repositories including seamless integration with a ticket/issue/bug tracker. Assembla offers Subversion and Git code repositories enhanced with an integrated code browser, "view as web page" mockup rendering, email alerts, and team permission panel. Assembla recommends oDesk as the best solution for hiring, managing, and paying your online workteams.

Rally Development - Scaling Software Agility   The Company: Rally is the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) dedicated to making distributed development organizations faster and leaner by dramatically cutting the time, cost and effort needed to deliver high quality applications. The company's end-to-end solutions for Agile development also include Agile University, the largest source for Agile training, and Agile Commons, the largest collaborative Web 2.0 community dedicated to advancing software agility.

The Partnership: oDesk recommends Rally's agile tooling solutions for oDesk users who need on-demand collaboration and tracking tools to manage distributed agile workteams. Rally recommends oDesk to their customers that are looking for on-demand resources.

Central Desktop - Project Collaboration for Teams   The Company: Central Desktop delivers a pure SaaS-Based social technology platform for progressive business teams to interact, share and manage their daily work activities from anywhere at anytime. Central Desktop's customers represent progressive organizations with geographically dispersed teams that are using innovative web 2.0 tools for business success. Its social technology platform consistently delivers a 30% increase in productivity while decreasing the total cost of doing business.

The Partnership: Central Desktop recommends oDesk as a source for qualified professionals to add to a company's distributed team. oDesk recommends Central Desktop as a tool for employers and contractors alike that are looking for full-featured collaboration tools. Together, oDesk and Central Desktop represent the new way to build a workteam in the 21st century.

Kampyle - Feedback Forms for Websites   The Company: Kampyle is a powerful on-demand solution to collect, analyze and manage website visitors feedback. With the Kampyle feedback forms, you can leverage valuable customer feedback to increase conversion rates, reduce customer abandonment and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Partnership: Kampyle recommends oDesk as a source for hiring great web developers, designers, and writers to their thousands of customers. oDesk recommends the use of Kampyle to employers building websites.

ClickTale - Web Analytics for Small Businesses   The Company: ClickTale is the world leader of In-Page Analytics providing e-Business decision makers with the ability to see real videos of their users browsing sessions as well as customer behavior aggregated reports. Clicktale has been proven very effective in improving site usability, reducing shopping cart abandonment and optimizing landing pages.

The Partnership: ClickTale will refer its clients to ClickTale-certified developers on oDesk to implement their system, while oDesk will offer the certification test to programmers.

ooVoo - Free Video Conference Calling with Mutliple Parties   The Company: ooVoo Video Chat is revolutionizing the way in which people communicate over the internet. ooVoo enables up to 6 individuals to hold engaging video and text chats and conference calls with up to 6 additional ooVoo powered VoIP phone participants. ooVoo's robust offering further enables its users to communicate with non-ooVoo users, send video messages, record conversations, and share large files. ooVoo's API allows developers to embed video chat functionality into their web sites and products.

The Partnership: oDesk recommends ooVoo as a comprehensive video and text chat and conferencing tool for employers and contractors working together, especially when more than 2 parties are involved. ooVoo recommends oDesk as a source for expert ooVoo API Developers to customize ooVoo integrations with end user applications such as social networks, ISP's, and set top box manufacturers for living room HD implementations. In addition, oDesk is planning to launch an ooVoo widget to bring live video conference calling to the oDesk Team Room.

TokBox - Free Video Conference Calling   The Company: TokBox is pioneering live video conference calling directly from your web browser. It's a free service that allows you to initiate video conference calls with multiple individuals all through your web browser. With membership growing rapidly, TokBox is poised to change the way the world communicates.

The Partnership: oDesk recommends TokBox as a communication tool for employers and contractors working together. TokBox recommends oDesk as a source for expert TokBox API developers for custom integrations with end user applications. In addition, oDesk is planning to launch a TokBox widget to bring live video conference calling to the oDesk Team Room.

Clarizen - Online Project Management Software   The Company: Clarizen was founded with the clear vision of bringing the power of collaborative project management to every business. Quite simply, we empower businesses to align efforts across the entire value chain and manage projects to success. Clarizen is a leading global contractor of collaborative online project management software that allows businesses to easily manage all of their projects and resources in a single environment.

The Partnership: oDesk recommends Clarizen project management software to small-medium sized businesses that are looking for a robust solution to manage a distributed development team. Clarizen recommends oDesk to their customers that are looking for on-demand resources.

Skytap - Virtual Lab Automation and Management   The Company: Skytap is the leading contractor of cloud infrastructure solutions available as on-demand services over the Web. Virtualization is poised to become the defining technology of the 21st century and Skytap's goal is to make serving up virtual machines over the internet as ubiquitous as delivering html to a browser.

The Partnership: oDesk views Skytap as a leader in the space of virtualization and recommends their services to oDesk customers. Likewise, Skytap views oDesk as the leader in on-demand resources and recommends oDesk to their customers, especially for hiring QA contractors.

ICI - The Intelligent Community   The Company: One of the goals of Intelligent Communities in the 21st century is to minimize the use of energy whenever and wherever possible. To this end, the Intelligent Community Initiative intends to help local businesses understand how easily they can move from a brick-and-mortar operations paradigm to a virtual operations paradigm. One component of the work of Intelligent Communities is to provide certification programs for US-based telecommuters.

The Partnership: The Intelligent Communities Initiative (ICI) enables US-based telecommuters to get certified in their ability to work remotely for small-medium sized businesses. These certifications are available to oDesk contractors and can be promoted on their profiles.

Zend - The PHP Company   The Company: Businesses utilizing PHP know Zend as the place to go for PHP expertise and sound technology solutions. Zend's founders Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski are key contributors to PHP and the creators of the core PHP scripting engine, the Zend Engine. Because of their internationally recognized expertise, the company continues to provide important leadership for PHP and other open source communities, and plays a central role in the explosive growth of PHP.

The Partnership: A key element of Zend's strategy to support staffing marketplaces like oDesk is the Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) program. The ZCE program is a rigorous test of a candidate's skills and, with 3,500 ZCEs worldwide, the certification has become the defacto standard for the global PHP industry. oDesk contractors can register their ZCE certifications in their oDesk profiles, providing valuable additional information to businesses looking for PHP experts.

BSD Certification Group   The Company: The BSD Certification Group Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to creating and maintaining a global certification standard for system administration on BSD based operating systems.

The Partnership: We have partnered with BSD Certification Group to promote a high standard of excellence in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and DragonFlyBSD. Information related to these skills can be seen at oDesk FreeBSD Administrator trends. BSD Certification promotes jobs to their user base and oDesk encourages any BSD administrators to get the best BSD certifications available.

expertrating   The Company: ExpertRating has been in business since 2000 and certified hundreds of thousands of professionals. This ISO 9001-2000 certified company offers online training, testing, and certification services to everyone — from individuals to small businesses to Fortune 500 clients. Their expertise is testing your expertise.

The Partnership: We have partnered with ExpertRating to provide tests on more than 100 of today's leading skills, and new subjects are being added constantly. These tests are crucial to contractors for certifying their skills and building their credibility within the oDesk network. These oDesk Skill Tests powered by ExpertRating enable employers to compare contractor test scores 'apples to apples', providing vital information for intelligent hiring decisions.

collabnet   The Company: CollabNet is the company behind Subversion, the world's new standard for Software Configuration Management for distributed teams. By simplifying distributed development, enabling global collaboration, and providing on-demand development resources, the CollabNet Platform has helped hundreds of customers and over 1.5 million users reduce costs and risks, improve productivity, and accelerate innovation for software projects.

The Partnership: CollabNet users often are looking for talented developers, designers, and writers. CollabNet promotes oDesk to their users and encourages them to utilize oDesk to fill their staffing needs. oDesk believes CollabNet has a world-class training program for Subversion. We recommend their Subversion training program for any employers or contractors that are looking to become experts in the tools.

Apisphere - Geo-enabled Mobility   The Company: Apisphere empowers mobile software applications with location-awareness. The Apisphere Geo-Enabled Mobility (GEM) platform delivers location-specific mobile content, including applications and messaging — via location-based triggers and across network boundaries — to virtually any mobile handset.

The Partnership: Apisphere will be leveraging oDesk's network of developers worldwide to ensure its customers receive the professional services required to customize Apisphere's GEM and integrate real-time location-awareness into their mobile applications. A certification program will be made available to oDesk contractors to learn and prove their knowledge of Apisphere technology.

Samasource - Responsible Outsourcing   The Company: Samasource was founded in 2008 to catalyze sustainable economic development and poverty alleviation by creating a thriving, active market for socially responsible outsourcing to developing regions. They are based in Silicon Valley and are piloting their model in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Partnership: oDesk is proud to be an integral part of Samasource's plan to bring sustainable economic growth plans to developing countries. We will be working with Samasource to promote their messages and standards for ethical and socially responsible outsourcing. oDesk users will have the ability to opt-in to Samasource programs.

codesion   The Company: Codesion has hosted collaboration and management tools for tracking and communicating project changes since 2002. Their customers range from individual programmers to open source teams to Fortune 500 companies. They offers a full spectrum of CVS and Subversion tools from free basic service to full-blown Enterprise options with enhanced security and functionality. Codesion now provides online development environments to more than 2000 software companies and tens of thousands of developers.

The Partnership: To deliver top notch source code repository services oDesk partnered with Codesion to offer a special deal on services with advanced features, such as Network (DAV) Drives and enhanced permissions settings, to our power users who need them most. This way we can can focus on what we do best �¢ï¿½ï¿½ running a growing marketplace for online workteams �¢ï¿½ï¿½ and they can earn their tagline as 'Cohesion in Code Control.'

PBworks - Online Collaboration Company   The Company: PBworks is the world's largest contractor of hosted business and educational wikis. They host over 500,000 wikis, serve millions of users per month, and 96% of our business users would recommend PBworks to a friend.

The Partnership: oDesk and PBworks have joined forces to offer PBworks end-users access to certified contractors from the oDesk network. PBworks recommends oDesk to their users that are looking for professional services. A custom PBworks certification test has been made available to all oDesk contractors.

ostatic   The Company: OStatic seeks to engage users in the development and implementation of Open Source Software and Services. In addition to the searchable database of 150,000+ Open Source and 30,000+ Proprietary Source Applications, their website provides users with access application reviews, alternatives, Q&A, and a network of trusted peer experts. OStatic is part of the Giga Omni Media Network.

The Partnership: We think that OStatic is a great resource for employers and contractors to find, evaluate, and collaborate around open-source projects. Open Source work is showcased in many of our contractors' portfolios, and Open Source Software is a great option for employers who have the right support and service infrastructure.

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