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Why oDesk?

"The distribution of talent around the globe has never matched the distribution of jobs."
— Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk Corporation

With more than $6 million dollars of work performed this month alone, oDesk is the largest marketplace for online work. Period. Why is it that tens of thousands of employers and hundreds of thousands of top professionals choose oDesk?

The Challenge — More with Less.

In today's global environment there is considerable pressure on businesses to do more with less. Companies are looking for trustworthy talent at competitive rates, while wanting to create a flexible workforce that will allow them to scale up and down as needed.

Meanwhile, workers around the world are seeking new ways to leverage their existing talents while gaining flexibility in their lifestyle. They are focusing their skills and seeking jobs that best showcase their particular talents, all while being mindful of the many pitfalls and false promises contractors often face.

The Solution — A Marketplace and a Workplace.

oDesk's unique approach enables companies to hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as easily as if they were working in the same office. The oDesk Work Diary and team room provide accountability across a distributed team, giving you full visibility into work done and the time spent doing it. Individual profiles offer a verified work history and feedback to help you make informed decisions in selecting team members or companies. oDesk's payment system is simple and headache-free, so you can trust that your time—and money—are well-spent. This combination of accountability, credibility, and trust is the foundation for the oDesk Guarantee.

  • We guarantee work to employers that every hour billed is an hour worked.
  • We guarantee payment to contractors that every hour worked is an hour paid.

Using oDesk is as simple as HIRE MANAGE PAY ™.

Employers Contractors
Hire Search, interview and hire from around the globe Post a profile, apply to jobs and interview for free
Manage Literal transparency between employer and contractor — just like managing by walking around your office. Track time worked — automatically
Pay Pay only for time worked Get guaranteed payment without the hassle of invoicing or collections

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The Best Business Model — The oDesk Manifesto for Online Work

oDesk believes in the rights of employers and contractors working online. The best business model is one that creates success for both employers and contractors, and it's the basis for the oDesk Manifesto. We urge you to read the Manifesto at the link below; know your rights and don't settle for anything less.

Read the oDesk Manifesto »

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