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Boosted Proposals increase the chance of getting hired by up to 24%1
Availability Badge gets freelancers more job invitations by up to 50%2

Choose the right ad

Boosted Proposals

Increase your chances of getting the jobs you really want by bidding to boost your proposal to the top. Win more and build relationships.

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Availability Badge

Create your ideal work schedule. Attract interest from clients filtering for the badge in search results.

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Boosted Profile

Upgrade your profile to increase your chances of getting hired. If you win the bid, you'll receive priority positioning at the top.

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See what the pros say

“It costs a little more to boost a proposal but the return on investment is worth it.”

Daniel H.

Top Rated Plus
Google Analytics 4 | Google Tag Manager | Google Ads...
40+ jobs

“Boosted Proposals increase my visibility and separates me from my competitors.”

Alvin B.

Top Rated Plus
Creative/Art Director
120+ jobs

“I’m a very competitive person...I use Boosted Proposals all the time.”

Gianluca N.

Top Rated Plus
Design Specialist | Logo Rockstar
900+ jobs



How do I pay for ads?

Ads are paid with Connects, a virtual token on Upwork that can be purchased in bundles or a custom amount of your choice.  Each Connect costs $0.15 (USD).  Freelancers use Connects to submit proposals and place a bid for ad products including Boosted Proposals, Boosted Profiles and Availability Badge.

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Why do I need to use ads?

You get to decide when you want to use ads.  Ads are not required to submit a proposal.  We offer ads as an optional way to get more visibility, win work you want most, and optimize your workflow to grow your earnings on great projects.

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How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started with low risk. Choose an ad product to help you achieve your goals. Then place a bid to participate in the auction. When you are an auction winner, you stand to benefit by creating awareness among clients, increasing client engagement and winning work you want most.

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Where do I place a bid for an ad?

Once you’ve decided on an ad product, it only takes a few simple steps to place a bid and check if you’re an auction winner.  Details are shared in these articles:

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1 Boosted Proposals: Upwork internal data, July-Sept. 2023. 2 Availability Badge: Upwork internal data, July 2023.