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  • $80 hourly
    Howdy, My name's Cole. Based remotely in Austin, Texas. Where breakfast tacos are unmatched. WHO AM I? I’m a Marketing Ops & Marketing Strategist with over 8 years experience! My experience ranges from, understanding Growth Strategy and creating processes & SOPs, to developing persona, lead scoring and ABM's, to project management, as well as my favorite things of implementing or managing software & platforms that make everyone's day-to-day easier., creating SOPs, (Especially Hubspot & Monday.) Why have I done so much? I've worked in specific roles intentionally to learn a variety of marketing skill-sets in order to best understand strategy. It's equally important to be able to technically implement all of the things needed to execute a strategy, otherwise, it's sort of all smoke and mirrors, right? WHAT CAN I OFFER PROFESSIONALLY - AS AN INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR? - Fractional CMO, Marketing Team/Ops Leader, Marketing Strategist. - Growth Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy - Marketing Operations Consulting, Implementation, Management. - B2B GTM Roadmapping - B2B2C GTM Roadmapping - Pipeline, Sales Funnels, Lead Routing Roadmapping & Execution. - Discovery Process: Products & Processes - Marketing Project Management: Campaigns & Solutions. - Brand Consultation & Strategy - Email Marketing: Lifecycle Campaigns - HubSpot: System management, implementation, audit, campaigns, reporting, ect. - System Integrations: HubSpot, Monday, Salesforce, Draft Chatbot, Marketo, Splash, - Integrating and utilizing multiple CRM, CMS platforms and content calendars. - Process & Software Implementation & Automation. WHAT FOXOPS CONSULTING AGENCY CAN OFFER: I also have an agency on Upwork, where I am able to provide you solutions with a wider range of skill and speed. Those being: - White Glove Agency: Strategy, Ads, Automation, Execution. - Account Management/Relationship Management/Vendor Management - Paid Ads - Management - Brand Consultation & Strategy - SEO Consulting & Strategy - SEM Consulting & Strategy - Website Consultation & Design: Wix & SquaresSpace, Wordpress (Elementor theme) - Light Design Work: Canva, Photoshop (*Event Posters, SM Content, Logo design, Photo Edits, etc.) - BizOps TechStack: Audit, Optimization, Implementation, Management. (Especially HubSpot). - MarTech: Audit, Optimization, Implementation, Management. (Especially HubSpot). CERTIFICATIONS: HubSpot Marketing Certified HubSpot Product Marketing Certified HubSpot Content Marketing Certified Hubspot Digita Marketing Certified Google Analytics Certified Product Marketing Certified Wrike Individual Certified Wrike Leader Certified Draft Chatbot Conversational Marketing Certified Draft Chatbot Conversational Sales Certified ***Willing to train and take a certification if you need a SME on a project! PORTFOLIO: Having spent most of my career in larger corporate settings and freelancing without use of this site, my portfolio is limited, but in the works. There are some examples within my Portfolio section. However, I've found it difficult to record and showcase my and hubspot experience due to current standing NDA's. But I am more than happy to provide references or showcase skills. I would also implore you to look me up on LinkedIn (hirecoleallen) and check out my recommendations from former colleagues and managers. HOW DO I COMMUNICATE? I believe in empathetic communication, and practice a Yes+When or No+Why style of communication. I enjoy working and what I do, so my schedule is completely open to your needs and availability of which you are needing. BEING A FREELANCER: Recently, I was impacted by the Silicon Valley Bank crash and was laid off. In an effort to pivot and become my own boss, I am utilizing my skillsets and looking to work for contract opportunities. I have created FoxOps Consulting to collaborate with beautiful minds formerly from Meta, SVB, Google and LinkedIn - all who were impacted by the SVB crash or recent tech-layoffs. Please contact me with any additional questions, references, resume requests, or suggestions. Thank you for checking me out! ~ Cole Ps. If I bid on your project - I am very specific with my bids. I would love any feedback if you're not interested in collaborating. Helping me continue to grow even if we don't together on a project is still incredibly valuable to me. I take nothing personal, everything objective.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand Marketing
    Photo Editing
    Brand Management
    Social Media Management
    CRM Automation
    Event Management
    Email Marketing
    Marketing Automation Strategy
    Marketing Automation
    Project Management
    Marketing Strategy
    Digital Media
    Social Media Marketing
    Digital Strategy
  • $60 hourly
    My name is Tegan, and I am passionate about content creation, especially in the niche of luxury world travel for families. I specialise in photography, travel planning, content creation, social media management and travel writing. I am based in Calgary, Canada, after living abroad in Australia for 2 years. I've been to 20 countries, and adore bringing my two beautiful daughters around the world with me to explore beyond our gorgeous backyard in Alberta. My favorite experiences to date include sumitting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, sailing the great barrier reef in Australia, and beach hopping around Southeast Asia. I have an Engineering Degree from the University of Alberta, as well as a certificate in Social Media Management from Mount Royal University. I'd love to chat about your project needs to see how I can provide deliverables beneficial to your company!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand Marketing
    Content Writing
    Travel Video
    Brand Development
    Travel Planning
    Content Creation
    Photo Editing
    Travel & Hospitality
    Family Video
  • $125 hourly
    As a seasoned Creative Director with over 15 years of experience, I'm passionate about driving innovation and practical design solutions across advertising, marketing, and tech industries. With a proven track record of leadership, I've successfully managed teams of 20+ people, developing captivating branded experiences that seamlessly translate across channels. I bring a wealth of experience in building and executing global strategies across product, content, experiential, and communication platforms. My strong history of driving results across budgets from $100k to $100m showcases my adaptability and commitment to creative excellence. Harnessing a brand's DNA, I lead teams to create compelling content and campaigns that resonate with target audiences. As a lifelong learner, I stay up-to-date with emerging technology, providing solutions that help clients stay ahead of the competition. My experience includes leadership roles at so of the worlds leading agencies, where I've optimized creative processes, supervised and mentored large teams, developed global messaging and content, and improved relationships with key decision-makers. I've also pioneered the development of innovative tech solutions, such as VR experiences in the sports industry and groundbreaking mobile applications. I'm skilled in Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Branding & Identity, Interaction Design, Concept Development, Brand Development, Adobe Creative Suite, User Experience Design (UED), Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Virtual Reality Design (VR), Augmented Reality Design (AR), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative Art, Web3, and Design Thinking. Industries I've Served Advertising, Augmented Reality, Automotive, B2B, Beverage, Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Government, Hardware, Health/Pharma, International, Lifestyle, Luxury, Media, Music, Non-Profit, Packaged Goods, Wine/Spirits, Virtual Reality, Travel/Tourism, Technology, Startups, Sports, Software, Retail
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand Marketing
    Virtual Reality
    Corporate Brand Identity
    Graphic Design
    Creative Direction
    Interactive Advertising
  • $85 hourly
    Welcome! I specialize in building consumer brands including brand strategy/identity, digital and traditional marketing and strategic growth planning. As an Expert-Vetted Freelancer I am in the Top 1% in these fields. Deep understanding of the consumer, the competitive landscape and your business form the foundation of everything I do. Through insight, I sharpen the value proposition, clarify your target, help to differentiate and creatively translate your brand. Clarity, consistency, cohesiveness. More than hallmarks of great brands, this is the stuff that powers brands, providing focus and fuel to accelerate growth. If you are ready to re-think what is possible, let's set some time for a 1:1 consultation to learn more about your business and discuss how I can unlock your brand's potential. My Focus Areas Include: - Strategic Growth Planning - Business Plans for Consumer Businesses - Brand Management and Strategy - Content Creation - Social Media, Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition - E-Commerce, Online Advertising - Branding, Creative Development
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand Marketing
    B2C Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing
    Business Plan
    Google Ads
    Business with 10-99 Employees
    Customer Acquisition Strategy
    Digital Strategy
    Paid Social
    Brand Research
    Marketing Strategy
    Brand Consulting
    Brand Strategy
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