Vishal H.
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Streamlit App Expert | Snowflake | Python

✅ Streamlit - Custom User Login & Authentication, S3 Integration, 2FA, API Integrations, Session Management, Efficient Caching. ✅ Snowflake - Snowpark API, Database Management ✅ Snowflake Native App + Snowflake Connector App ✅ Supabase Expert - Databases, Functions, Storage ✅ Python Developer - Streamlit Expert, Scripting, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, Numpy ✅ Data Visualisation - Plotly, Matplotlib, Altair, Vega-Lite, Bohek, PyDeck, GraphViz ✅ Cloud Deployment - AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Cloudflare ✅ Cloud Cost Optimization - AWS, GCP ✅ Redis Database, NoSQL, SQLite ✅ Langchain + Pinecone Development ✅ Power BI Dashboards to Streamlit Dashboards ✅ Cloudflare Expert - Cloudflare Pages, R2, Workers, D1 ✅ Pandas Langchain Development ✅ Python Frameworks - Flask, Django, FastAPI ✅ Python GUIs - tkinter, PyQt, Kivy ✅ Workflow Automation & Simplification ✅ Open AI API Integration, GPT-4, Plugins Creations ✅ Build Chat Interface UI, AI-Powered Tools, MVP using Streamlit ✅ Backend Development, Frontend Development, Full Stack Development ✅ DevOps - Nginx, Serverless Infrastructure ✅ Figma Design to Website Conversion ✅ Tally XML, Tally Prime - data manipulation, data processing etc. ✅ Technology Consultancy, Tech Stack Consultant ✅ TradingView - PineScripts, Pine Seeds, Indicators, Strategy Support & Service ✅ Fast Turn Around Time ✅ Maximum 24 working hour's response time Expert in building Dashboards using Google Sheets, streamlit library, Google Data Studio and other such similar tools. ✅ Streamlit Dashboard Creation | Session State Management etc. ✅ Google Data Studio | Google Sheets | Google App Scripts ✅ Data Dashboard Creation ✅ Hugo Static-Site Development ✅ Product Market Research ✅ Website page speed Optimization ✅ Trading View Indicators & Strategy ✅ Shopify Store Page Speed, Theme Development & E-Commerce Platform Optimisation

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  • Snowflake
  • Streamlit
  • Python
  • Web Application Development
  • pandas
  • SQL
  • Web Development Consultation
  • API
  • AI App Development
  • AI Consulting
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Data Analytics & Visualization Software

Get started working with Vishal quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Vishal quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get an Android app of your existing website

From $1,000
10 days delivery

You will get an Interactive Google Data Studio Dashboard using Google Sheets

From $300
1 day delivery