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“Through Upwork, I got access to high-caliber talent on terms that fit. Without the opportunity to work with professionals like Dr. Kami Anderson on a part-time basis, we would not have been able to launch. Period.”

- Arvita Tripati, CEO

“I was really lucky after some research to find Guy and Alex. I mean, quite frankly, my build would not be where it is without them. They could not be more professional and I could not speak highly enough of them. They're going to be my partners for years to come.”

- Joshua Crandall, Founder and CEO

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Frequently asked questions

What is the first step to hiring AI talent and determining the project cost?

One of the first steps in hiring any talent is to determine what skills you need for your project. For example, if you’re integrating AI into your applications, you may need engineers or data scientists. Or, if you’re interested in using generative AI technologies to create content, you’ll want to explore working with an AI content editor to check AI outputs.

Examples of talent you’ll find on Upwork include:

  • Machine learning engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Generative AI specialists
  • Data annotators
  • Prompt engineers
  • Chatbot developers
  • AI artists
  • AI writers
  • AI content editors

The cost of your project will depend on your scope of work and the specific skills you need. If you choose to post a job to hire talent on Upwork, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Deliverables: What do you need done? Perhaps you need a professional to integrate AI into an existing application or annotate data.
  • Skills: Identify the tech and IT talent needed to complete the project (e.g., machine learning engineer or ChatGPT developer).
  • Project length: Let talent know whether this is a smaller or larger project, and what you expected deadline might be.
  • Budget: Set a budget and note your preference for either an hourly rate or a fixed-price contract.

How can I connect with AI talent on Upwork?

Upwork gives you the flexibility you need to find the right talent for your AI projects. Here’s how you can find an expert with the skills you need:

  • Post a job: Find and source independent professionals for your AI projects directly from Upwork’s Talent Marketplace™.
  • Book a consultation: Not quite sure where to start or have questions? Book a consultation with an industry expert to get advice.
  • Buy a predefined project: Browse through thousands of projects on Project Catalog™, clearly defined and ready to start. Each project already includes pricing, terms, scope, and timing – so you can spend less time working out the details and more time getting to work.
  • Hire an agency: Upwork isn’t just for independent contractors; you can also find independent agencies that can help you fill your AI talent gaps with their own professional teams.

Why should I use Upwork to hire talent for AI services?

When it comes to AI, you may need a multidisciplinary team to handle your project. You might need professionals like:

  • Software engineers to integrate AI technologies
  • Prompt engineers skilled at getting high-quality AI outputs
  • Data scientists to curate and analyze data sets
  • Data annotation specialists to label data for model training
  • Writers to edit and quality check AI-generated content

Upwork is the leading online talent solution for companies looking to scale their teams and get work done. Here are some key advantages for businesses looking to find talent on Upwork.

  • On-demand talent: Access to a global talent pool of independent professionals and agencies.
  • Transparency: Simplified vetting thanks to freelancer reviews, work history, testimonials, and portfolios.
  • Technology: AI-assisted talent matching to help you find the right talent for your needs.
  • Flexibility: Hire individuals or agencies to complete any size project.
  • Simplicity: Hire, pay, and collaborate with remote teams all in one place.
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