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WordPress FAQs

What is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is a website programmer who is an expert regarding the WordPress development platform. Such a developer can take a WordPress template and tailor it to their client’s particular requirements, using the platform’s unique features to create virtually any type of online presence.

How do you choose the right WordPress development service?

Selecting the right WordPress development resource involves reviewing your specific website criteria and determining whether a developer’s skills fit them. First, a developer must be very familiar with the features and benefits WordPress offers when building a site for an organization. Second, a developer should be knowledgeable of the programming languages used to refine WordPress templates and how they can be used to tailor a site to a client’s specification. Those languages include HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS. Finally, a WordPress developer should be familiar with various servers and hosting options and recommend which one offers the best fit for a WordPress site.

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is a wildly popular web development platform, accounting for 60% of content management system (CMS) websites. Because WordPress offers a variety of template designs, developers using it rarely have to begin a website design from scratch. Simply taking an existing WordPress template and tailoring it to a client’s unique specifications can save significant time and money. WordPress also allows for an almost endless array of plugins for its websites. Website owners and developers can find a plugin that offers a desired set of features and install it in any WordPress site in usually less than a minute.

How much does it cost to develop a WordPress website?

The cost to develop a WordPress site can vary significantly. The simplest WordPress sites, built from an existing template that requires little refining, can cost as little as $500. More-complex websites, built from a WordPress template but requiring extensive refinement, can cost as much as $25,000. The purpose, objective, and requirements of a WordPress project will greatly influence the overall cost of building the website.