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Transcripts FAQs

How do transcription services work?

A transcription service operates by taking spoken words, often from interviews, presentations, and speeches, and using computer software to convert them to electronic text for use in documents or reports. Businesses that frequently use transcription services include those in the legal and medical industries.

What’s the standard transcription process?

Transcriptions are often conducted by the recording of spoken words into a computer software program that interprets those words and sentences and creates the closest approximation possible of full sentences, including punctuation. The conversion of audio to electronic files allows for the sharing and conversion of that file for any number of purposes.

What are the best file formats for transcription services?

The file formats that work best for transcription services are audio formats. These formats may include uncompressed audio, such as WAV, that are made from sound waves and involve no processing. Lossy file formats, such as MP3, are popular with transcription services, as they feature smaller file sizes and are easier to transfer. Lossless file formats, such as WMA, enable the file to be reduced in size without the loss of quality. These three types of file formats are the most popular among transcription services.

What is the best software for transcription?

There are a variety of transcription software solutions available for those interested in converting audio files to text. While Google offers a dictation feature in Google Docs, allowing speakers to have their audio automatically transcribed, other software exists for those who desire to manually transcribe audio to text. Software such as oTranscribe and Express Scribe offer free transcription capability with play, forward, backward, and rewind functionality.

How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

While transcription speeds do vary, ranging from two to eight hours for an hour’s worth of audio, an average time for transcriptions is four hours for every hour of audio. Transcription speeds are also impacted by the quality of the audio, the smoothness of the dialogue being transcribed, and the speed of the conversation.