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Web Analytics FAQs

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of website traffic and activity in order to understand the effectiveness of a website’s content, its search engine performance, and the behavior of its visitors. Web analytics is a form of digital measurement conducted by marketers to determine online marketing activity success.

How do I set up web analytics for my website?

Most analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Woopra, involve setting up your account by placing your URL within the analytics tool in addition to incorporating a tracking code into your website from that analytics tool. Tracking codes can be inserted in a single page on your site or across multiple pages, depending on how detailed your analysis should be.

What are the different types of web analytics software?

There is a host of web analytics solutions available. The most popular option is Google Analytics, which features a comprehensive dashboard that can show traffic from paid, organic, and social media sources. While Google Analytics is a free solution that offers excellent functionality, Google Analytics 360 is the company’s premium analytics tool that provides greater functionality and analysis. Other analytics options include Clicky, Mouseflow, and Woopra.

How do I choose the right web analytics software?

There are a variety of web analytics tools available for website owners. Choosing the right one should involve several steps to ensure a great fit for your organizational needs. Companies must establish their business goals, requirements, and budget regarding website analysis. Another requirement when choosing web analytics software is to understand how the information is reported and with whom it can be shared. A third component of choosing the right web analytics software is ensuring its ability to capture traffic from a variety of sources, including paid and organic search, social media, and third-party landing pages.