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Video Marketing FAQs

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is considered a component of an organization’s overall content strategy. The primary purpose of video marketing is to communicate key messages regarding a company’s product, service, and overall brand via video across multiple platforms. Companies can distribute their video via social media, mobile platforms, events, and more. When used in conjunction with various forms of written content, video marketing can be a highly effective tool and speak to audiences that exhibit little interest in reading.

How do I create a video marketing strategy?

Creating a video marketing strategy will help organizations maximize their communications efforts and ensure that time and resources consumed by video production are well spent. Similar to other marketing strategies, a video marketing strategy should consist of several components, including:
  • Creation of goals
  • Identification of target audience
  • Determining which messages to convey
  • Ensuring creative outcomes align with goals
  • Creating and adhering to a budget
  • Selection of video production talent
  • Distribution of final video
  • Analyzing effectiveness

What makes video marketing effective?

Video marketing is quite effective because it allows audience members to digest information through visual means, resulting in greater comprehension and retention. Today video can easily be shared across multiple platforms and channels, making it an ideal asset to carry a brand message and elicit an emotional connection. According to inbound marketing solutions provider HubSpot, people tend to remember 80% of what they experience or see, while they tend to recall only 20% of things they read.

What are the different types of video marketing?

Video marketing can be done in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. Educational videos, whether tutorial or explainer videos, teach audience members something valuable or interesting. Testimonial videos are visual case studies where customers, employees, partners, or other constituents sing a company’s praises. Product demo videos help audiences understand how a product works, whether they highlight features or benefits. Company culture videos offer an opportunity to illustrate a company’s personality and can be effective in establishing trust between the business and its audience.