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Real Estate Promo Videos FAQs

How much does a real estate videographer make?

Real estate photography and video production is in high demand as the home buying market surges, so many real estate filmmakers are making more money than ever before. That said, it’s impossible to predict how much any one real estate videographer will make; pricing and hours can vary substantially from individual to individual. Generally speaking, videographers who make especially high-quality videos or work in high-end markets such as New York and Los Angeles will charge the highest rate, though even less experienced filmmakers in smaller markets can build a sizable business.

Is real estate videography profitable?

Real estate videography does require high up-front costs: The supplies needed for drone videos, walkthrough videos, and video editing can be quite pricey. However, most filmmakers can charge prices that make up for the cost of these tools. Once a videographer has established a reputation for high-quality listing videos and received some positive testimonials, it’s even easier to find new clients.

What do real estate videos cost?

Pricing for real estate videos can vary significantly depending on the video length, type, and quality. For example, a video that includes drone shots will be more costly than a walkthrough alone; of course, realtors understand the impact of showing off a real estate property from the air, and many consider the cost worth it. All in all, it’s reasonable to spend at least $1,000 and up to $10,000 on a real estate video tour.

How do professionals shoot real estate videos?

Professional real estate videographers usually use high-end camera equipment, including drone cameras, to shoot a 360-degree tour of a real estate property to attract potential home buyers. Some may also use professional microphone equipment to include a voice-over describing the property as the video tour progresses. They’ll also use software to edit the video into a polished final product.

How can I promote my property online?

If you’re a real estate agent interested in reaching potential buyers for your property, there’s no better investment than a professional video. High-quality property videos easily take your social media presence and real estate listing to the next level. You can find a real estate videographer who can work with your budget and requirements on Upwork.