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Vocal Tuning FAQs

What is a tuner in singing?

A voice tuner for singing usually refers to a chromatic tuner. Such tuners are small devices vocalists use to tell when they’re off pitch. Some vocalists also use a pitch pipe to help them find the right notes and start the piece in tune.

A tuner can also refer to the vocal production process where vocal tracks are edited and enhanced. For example, a vocal editor might use voice correction technology to auto-tune your voice and correct pitch inaccuracies. Vocal auto-tuner technology is common, and it helps to remove pitch issues that would detract from a performance.

Do guitar tuners work for voice?

Most guitar tuners don’t work all that well for the voice, since they were designed for a different instrument. Some can work in a pinch, but it’s better to invest in a chromatic voice pitch tuner that’s truly made for vocalist use.

How do you fine-tune your voice?

Taking vocal lessons can help to fine-tune your voice. Your teacher can provide you with warm-ups and exercises to help. There are also many singing tutorials available online.

Remember that the vocals on your favorite artist’s songs might not be all-natural, so don’t get too frustrated. While artists work hard to sing on key, many vocal producers use auto-tuning voice technology in recordings. Pitch correction and pitch editing are probably used in most recordings you listen to.

How can I tell if I am singing in tune?

To tell if you’re singing in tune, listen closely for sound wave vibrations between you and the instrument or recording track you’re singing against. Choosing an instrument that’s consistently in tune, like a piano, as opposed to a guitar or ukulele, can help to correct pitch issues. Using vibrato and other vocal effects can help conceal slight pitch inaccuracies too.

How do I know if I’m singing on pitch?

Recording yourself singing your song and playing it back can help you tell if you’re singing on pitch. A vocal instructor or other singers can also help.

If you need to record a piece and ensure it’s perfectly on pitch, then consider vocal tuning services. Once you’ve done your best to keep your vocal pitch correct, a vocal engineer can help to smooth out any remaining issues with vocal editing. A vocals editor will use voice auto-tuner software such as Antares Auto-Tune, Melodyne, and the Waves Tune plugin to help you get the performance you want.*

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