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Songwriting FAQs

How much does a songwriter charge per song?

Songwriters charge varying prices per song. You’ll pay a premium for a songwriter who writes the hits you hear on the radio, but there are plenty of professional songwriters with more affordable rates. Songwriting services can include lyrics, music, or both, and the rates can vary depending on the song’s complexity.

Can I pay someone to write me a song?

You can pay a freelance songwriter to write a song, a jingle, or other musical pieces. In the music business, songwriters frequently sell songs to top musicians and recording artists, and some of the number-one Billboard hits are songs that were sold to those artists.

You can also buy a song or pay someone to write a song with you. For example, a lyricist can help you to find the perfect words, while a songwriter's helper or co-writer can assist with melodies and overall song construction while still giving you some creative freedom with your song.

How do I find a songwriter?

Upwork can easily connect you to the right songwriting service for your needs. You can find songwriters on our platform, including English songwriters, song lyrics writers, and more. If you need a lyricist and someone to write the music, you’ll be able to choose from many talented music professionals. These songwriting services span all music genres, and you’ll find musicians who are highly skilled in writing songs.

Where can I find a songwriting partner?

If you want to write your own songs but still need help, then you can find a collaborator here on Upwork. With a collaborator, you can co-write a song, and a collaborator can bring talent and experience that you might not have.

Whether you’re looking for an original lyricist, a lyricist and songwriter, or another specialist, you’ll find a wide variety of talent here on Upwork. With the right song lyrics writer or arranger, you might be on your way to writing the next hit song. If you have your sights set on breaking into the music industry or getting your music in front of a recording artist, or if you are working on the jingle for your new TV show, finding the right songwriting partner can set you up for greater success.