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Desktop Apps FAQs

What is desktop application development?

Desktop application development is when a software developer works on an application that runs natively on a desktop computer running MacOS, Linux, or Windows. These applications do not require internet access and can be used offline.

What is the best programming language to develop desktop applications?

When developing desktop apps, programmers would be best served in mastering Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript.

How do I become a desktop application developer?

Becoming an application developer or software engineer typically requires a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related field.

Those embarking on this career path may take classes in computer programming, mobile applications, and project management, depending on the degree program.

Software application developers typically work at large companies such as Oracle as programmers and employ strong problem-solving and analytical skills. You can also find freelance software developers on sites such as Upwork.

What are examples of desktop applications?

Desktop applications include programs such as Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, and Slack. Although they sometimes do have cloud functionality to them, the fact that these software applications can be used without an internet connection makes them desktop programs.

What is the difference between desktop application and web application?

The difference between a desktop application and a web application has to do with how each connects to the internet. If the application maintains its functionality when the internet isn’t working, then it’s considered a desktop application. Desktop applications are typically better suited to time-consuming tasks.