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A website usability tester can help you get honest feedback from real customers who will tell you what they really think.

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User Testing FAQs

How much does user testing cost?

Website usability testing services vary in cost, depending in part on your site’s complexity and the amount of testing needed. Commercial usability testing services can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you may be able to save money by hiring a freelance service to perform the testing.

What is user testing?

Website testing services evaluate your site’s functionality and accessibility. A usability test is a valuable investment in your site, and it can help with the design process and prepare you for a successful launch. In addition, testing your site with real users prelaunch can help to identify usability problems with a web page, such as checkout issues, which could cost you sales and leads.

What is the purpose of user testing?

User testing services can help site owners to improve their website performance. Usability testing with real users can help to increase conversion rates. It also ensures that users can easily complete tasks, such as adding a product to a cart or signing up for a newsletter. By identifying usability issues early on, you can create a better customer experience and improve user satisfaction.

What are UX and UI testing?

You can choose from multiple types of website testing. UI, or user interface, testing evaluates how your site interacts with your site users. This type of usability testing evaluates your site’s accessibility, consistency, and overall ease of use. UX, or user experience, testing evaluates how your users are able to navigate your site. It includes elements such as how easy it is for users to place an order and how easily a user can access and use your site.

How do you test a website for users?

A user testing service will usually hire website testers and may use various metrics and testing tools, such as eye-tracking technology and heat maps. Website usability testing services may use trained testers to evaluate sites, or they may work with random people who aren’t trained in testing. The website user testing process may be recorded, or it might consist of interviews and surveys to gather website testers’ comments.

How much do website testers get paid?

A website user tester can earn varying amounts depending on specific tasks. For example, a user acceptance tester is often paid per test, and those tests can vary in complexity and length. Live interviews typically pay more than online usability testing that’s recorded or survey-based. Browse the rates through individual website services here on Upwork to get a sense of what you might pay.