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Architecture & Interior Design FAQs

What is the main function of an interior designer?

The main function of an interior designer is to interact with clients for the purpose of identifying their needs and creating interior spaces. Designers are capable of creating comprehensive plans for many aspects of an interior space, including doors, windows, walls, and furnishings.

What does full-service interior design mean?

Full-service interior design refers to working with a design studio that manages most of the renovation or design work for a client. A full-service interior designer offers a turnkey option for clients, handling multiple phases including the initial design, placing orders, handling delivery logistics, managing the timeline, and overseeing the budget.

What are the seven elements of interior design?

Seven elements work together in interior design to improve the functionality and the appearance of a room: space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. An interior designer will analyze a room in relation to these elements in order to camouflage its flaws and enhance its features.

What are the qualities I should look for in an interior designer?

Good qualities that should be found in an interior designer include creativity, the ability to be detail-oriented, problem-solving skills, a familiarity with furnishings and appliances, and superior interpersonal skills.