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Online Music Lessons FAQs

How can I learn music online?

Learning music online can be done several ways. Some online music teachers provide pre recorded lessons, while others develop a library of content on YouTube and then offer private coaching sessions over Zoom or Skype. Still other online music teachers ask students to send in video recordings for analysis and then create a video in return that showcases the aspects that need improvement.

Do online music lessons work?

Online music lessons have created millions of new musicians, especially since COVID-19 came into the picture. The important thing to remember about online music lessons: Without self-discipline, you may fail to learn. If you’re willing to set aside the time, however, and actually follow through on the training, they’re often very effective.

How much should I pay for music lessons?

The cost of online music lessons depends on a few factors, such as the reputation and workload of your teacher, the instrument or talent you wish to learn, and the timeframe in which you want to learn it.

Slow and decent will almost always cost far less than fast and spectacular. Bear this in mind when deciding to learn music, and understand that you are likely to need weeks or months to learn the skills you want.

How do I find music lessons online?

Some music lessons are available on YouTube, while others come directly through platforms such as edX, Ableton, and Lessonface.

Many freelancers on Upwork are able to provide customized lesson plans for aspiring musicians. Live feedback sessions, pre recorded lessons, and VOD reviews may all be available to students as well, though each freelancer will provide their own set of unique services. Learn more about learning music online from a freelancer here.