14x Faster
Engaging talent via Upwork
40% Savings
vs. traditional agencies
4+ Years
using Upwork
The marketing team contracts 80+ specialists from SEO strategists to researchers.

Busy executives don’t have time to write content

A blog is a critical extension of a company’s brand and an important way to demonstrate thought leadership. As such, this leading software company requires its executives and managers contribute quarterly posts. The marketing team needed a bench of skilled independent writers who could interview the executives, translate their ideas, and capture their voices in engaging posts. The marketing team needed a solution that enables them to find great talent and pay them quickly, maintain compliance, and track vetted talent for future projects.

Freelancers interview execs + ghostwrite blogs in 1 day

Instead of working with a traditional agency — which averaged a 40% upcharge —the company saved money by sourcing talent directly through Upwork’s global talent pool. The company also completed projects sooner as its managed service provider(MSP) took 2 weeks to a month to onboard an independent contractor. With Upwork, the process took less than 24 hours.

Time saved + project success = program expansion

The successful blog project inspired the marketing team to expand its programs cope and contract 80 more specialists for other marketing projects. The team’s flexible workforce now includes SEO strategists, marketing consultants, and researchers. When the marketing team needs someone with specialized skill, they can find them quickly in their Private Talent CloudTM, which is filled with vetted talent.

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