Up to 3,000
flexible workers engaged at one time
languages contracted
of talent are tapped again for future projects
“Upwork lets me reach people who are experts in their field, from any place in the world.”
Mohamed Omar
Founder & CEO

Project emergency requires 700 linguists in 15 countries

Linguistix Tank provides linguistics services, such as transcription and data validation, to artificial intelligence (AI) companies worldwide. From the beginning, this lean company based its business model on utilizing flexible talent. But a crisis hit when their main vendor couldn’t provide talent anymore. Linguistix Tank suddenly had to replace about 700 independent workers, in 15 countries, on several active projects.

Efficiently find and engage talent through Upwork

The company hurriedly set up an account on Upwork to tap into its large, global talent pool. An Upwork Account Executive noticed the sudden usage spike and offered assistance with filling job posts. Talent Services immediately gathered job details to create a shortlist of potential talent. Within a few days, Linguistix Tank filled all 700 jobs. It went on to engage another 300 people within two weeks.

“It’s easier to find talent on Upwork,” says Mohamed Omar, founder and CEO at Linguistix Tank. “The quality is higher overall, and the reviews are more accurate. I’m more willing to believe a 5-star is really a 5-star.” What’s more, projects ran more smoothly than before because engagement, communication, and payment happened on a single platform.

Turn talent use inward for business growth

  • Volume ranges from 100 to 3,000 freelancers at one time
  • The company contracts talent for up to 70 languages, in up to 70 countries
  • Projects can last a few days to a few months
  • For some languages, 90% of freelance talent remains part of the company’s go-to resource for future projects

After seeing the variety of independent specialists available through Upwork, Linguistix Tank began working with talent internally to help the company grow. To date, they’ve contracted experts in HR, business coaching, and marketing.

Translation, Data validation
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