Our Values

At Upwork, our values serve as the foundation and driving force behind our organization and workforce. They not only provide the "why" behind what we do but also inspire and guide our actions.

Play to win as a team.
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Build and break fearlessly.
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Be customer zero.
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Commit to excellence. 
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Our Working Principles

Our values represent the "why" behind our actions while our working principles embody the "how." These principles provide a clear framework for how we should all conduct ourselves, empowering us to make impactful decisions that align with our shared vision and mission. 

Working Principles
Our values represent the "why" behind our actions while our working principles embody the "how." These principles provide a clear framework for how we should all conduct ourselves, empowering us to make impactful decisions that align with our shared vision and mission. 
Trust and be trustworthy. 
Assume positive intent and grant trust to team members, peers and partners — both inside and outside the company. Earn trust by demonstrating good judgment, a high Say:Do ratio, consistency in execution, accountability and genuine commitment to productive and inclusive relationships. Make decisions for the good of the business, the department, the team, and the individual.
Start with “why.” 
Stop and understand the problem you’re trying to solve before you begin. Approach policies, processes, opportunities and challenges with curiosity and intellectual honesty. Be unafraid to challenge the status quo and always strive to make things better. Be humble, dispassionate and methodical in your pursuit of the solution.
Have a bias toward action. 
Act quickly — with intention and purpose. Pursue both new and existing challenges with the same measure of enthusiasm and unconstrained ownership. Always think and act holistically beyond the narrow definitions of job, team or function for the benefit of Upwork.
Communicate with clarity.
Speak and write clearly, succinctly and directly to convey your intent. Listen and seek to understand critical inputs, opinions and information before trying to be understood. Be respectful and always communicate with authenticity and compassion.
Disagree, debate, and commit.
Share your point of view honestly. When faced with disagreement, extend good faith to peers and partners, seek to understand differences in points-of-view, engage in dialogue and debate. When a decision is reached, commit completely and do your part with high standards even if you initially disagreed.
Sweat the details. 
Recognize the difference between the urgent and the important, prioritize ruthlessly, plan carefully and set goals ambitiously. Dive deep and make sure you understand all the details needed for a successful outcome. Anticipate and plan for any risks, take ownership and closely monitor your progress.   
Overcome ambiguity. 
Bring order to uncertainty, prioritize ruthlessly, plan and set goals ambitiously — then monitor the most critical inputs. Drive the flywheel by focusing on the details, linking effort to results and managing and measuring initiatives with operational rigor and discipline.
Stay curious. 
Seek mastery and continuous improvement by drawing from specialized and broad sources of knowledge and areas of practice. Look to peers across professional networks, industries and beyond for expertise — then be a multiplier who continuously educates and empowers others.

Upwork Benefits Highlights

Upwork proudly offers a comprehensive set of benefits to ensure employees are able to bring their whole selves to work. We aim to deliver world-class offerings and perks that cover your medical, dental, vision, emotional, and family well-being.

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Medical insurance for you and your family
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Unlimited PTO policy
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Rich 401(k) offering with matching
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12 week fully paid parental leave with full pre and post pregnancy support network
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Generous Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP)

Please note that the benefits discussed here are only highlights. More details about benefits are available during the hiring process.

Open Positions

Dental, vision, and life insurance

Home office reimbursement

Wellness reimbursement (for fitness or other wellness related expenses)

Cell phone and internet reimbursement

Mental health and wellness support through Modern Health

Lyft commuter credits

WeWork All Access membership

Adoption benefits

Fertility benefits

New parent support

Caregiver assistance

Discounted pet insurance

“In my time with Upwork, I have learned to prioritize and develop my mental health and self care. Upwork truly values every employee and provides several benefit options for a wide range of individuals. Having unlimited PTO has allowed me to feel comfortable when I need time to rest and recharge before getting to a burnout stage. Having so many available benefits to care for my health has inspired me to reevaluate my daily habits…Upwork has helped me realize that it is important to put myself first to ensure I am able to give it my all in my career and personal life.”
Mayra Uribe
Enterprise Billing Supervisor
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Upwork knows great work can be done anywhere

Upwork has a rich history with more than 20 years as a remote work company. While we maintain two offices for collaboration and socialization, we embrace a remote working environment as the default for most of our corporate team members.

“One of the benefits I like the most about Upwork is its remote-friendly work approach. I have the flexibility to work from home, or come into the office. One of the main reasons I am able to bring my full self to work every day is because of this flexibility. I'm also big into fitness, and I believe that this flexibility allows me to stay consistent, which also helps my focus at work.”
Vrajesh Parikh
Sr. Program Manager, Outsourced Solutions
“I joined Upwork as a program manager and realized early that there are endless opportunities for career growth and professional development. Upwork fosters an environment that motivates everyone to invest in each other... I now lead a team who provides support to a large enterprise client and my growth has been influenced by the networking events, workshops, leadership courses, etc. that are offered to everyone.”
Kai Baker
Enterprise Account Executive
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Why Upwork?

Check out this video for a taste of what it’s like to work at Upwork and learn more about our focus on our mission, diversity, and career growth.