6 Business Growth Lessons From 2020 Worth Keeping In 2021

Yes, it’s been a difficult year for many and the world seems eager to see 2020 from a rearview mirror. During all the upheaval, it’s not an exaggeration to say 2020 also completely changed the way business gets done. Working remotely, virtualizing supply chains, incorporating AI into...well, everything—it’s a different world now. There’s no going back to normal, and that’s OK.

Because why go back to normal when you can go back to better?

“What 2020 made clear is that you don’t try to rebuild what you had before. Instead, you reimagine what’s possible and take bold action towards it,” says Hayden Brown, CEO at Upwork.

2020 also made clear that the path to achieving what’s possible is through digital innovation. The world witnessed how businesses that embraced digitization leapt forward while those who dragged their heels fell quickly behind.

But don’t worry, you already have an advantage.

You can leverage some of the remote work practices that businesses developed this year to digitally innovate at a higher level and faster. These practices efficiently resolve the critical questions of how the work will get done and who’s going to do it.

So let yourself reimagine what’s possible. We’ll be right here to help you take bold action towards it, in a way that works best for your business.

To that end, here are a few lessons from the year that we’re taking into 2021:

See what’s possible for your business.

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