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I do not promise great results – I deliver them. (See reviews for proof) A great sales funnel or website can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But there’s a problem: most businesses and brands have websites or sales funnels that are costing them money – rather than making them money. They’re missing the mark when it comes to their sales funnel or website. And they have no idea why. Every day, they’re letting customers slip through their fingers and choose their competitors. Instead of their website or sales funnel being an always on 24/7 sales machine, it’s more like a slot machine that resembles an over-glorified business card. And I don’t know about you, but I throw those obnoxious cards in the trash. Every. Single. Time. Now more than ever consumers are turning to the internet and researching a company prior to doing business with them. These days it's foolish not to believe that nearly every lead is an internet lead. Why? Because we look at our phones more than we look at one another. Humans have been conditioned to research a company online before handing over their hard-earned money. Your website or sales funnel is often the first impression a prospect has with your business. And the difference between an average or remarkable first impression can make or break you. That's why cheap websites and sales funnels are never worth the low cost. Two important statistics for business owners: • It takes half a second for users to form an opinion of your website (according to a Taylor and Francis Group study). • 79% of people judge a company's credibility based on their website design (according to a Stanford research paper). Unlike many freelancers who are experts in MSU (making stuff up) and regularly cut corners at your expense (but to their quick payday), I guarantee my work: see the video on this page for details. My sales funnel and website techniques and strategies have been featured in virtually every major publication across the globe. And I have a significant unfair advantage when it comes to creating customer centric high-converting websites and sales funnels. Through revolutionary softwares, such as Hotjar (my favorite) and Mouseflow, I’m able to view exactly how users interact with web pages. These incredibly insightful and powerful softwares make it like I’m standing directly behind a person visiting a website or sales funnel and watching their every move. This technology has evolved far beyond simple heat maps to now recording the screens and the exact mouse (or finger movements) a person makes when they visit a web page. In a sense, it's the George Orwell’s Big Brother effect at its best – but in a good way, well, for creating tightly engineered web pages at least. I’ve even developed cutting-edge ROI Calculators that deliver data-driven feedback to ensure all the content and imagery on a web page are helping a user take the next step (i.e. schedule a consultation or make a purchase). What does all of this mean to you? I’ve had access to a fire hose of feedback with these screen recording softwares. And I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours watching exactly how people interact with websites and sales funnels. I know precisely what entices them to convert, or run for the hills. You see, I’ve done the (A/B) testing for you. I’ve built an elaborate database of what works (as well as what doesn’t). And I’ve discovered that creating winning web pages is as much of an art as a science. That's why I’ve developed a formula and a framework that removes the guesswork and consistently creates high-converting websites and sales funnels. My formula increases conversions, generates great first impressions, attracts premium clients, creates authority and positions your brand, product, or service as not simply an option – but the only option. Message me on Upwork to discuss your project. I offer an iron-clad money-back guarantee, ensuring you get the website or sales funnel of your dreams or all of your money back (see details below). Thank you, Jeremy MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Unlike 99% of freelancers who disappear after getting paid… I stand by my work with an iron-clad money-back guarantee that’s unheard of in my industry: If, for any reason whatsoever, you’re not 110% happy with the sales funnel or website I create for you, I’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked. You can only make such a guarantee when you have supreme confidence you can deliver. And I’m extremely confident when you allow me to build your website or sales funnel, I’ll over-deliver. Best case: You get the website or sales funnel of your dreams. Worst case: I give you all of your money back if I fail to perform.
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Get started working with Jeremy quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Jeremy quickly with these predefined projects.

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