7 Things Work Innovators Do Right Every Day

Feb 26, 2024
7 Things Work Innovators Do Right Every Day

The pace of change in business is unparalleled, forcing leaders to face brand-new challenges that some aren’t ready for. Many companies are fighting to hold their ground, but one group is looking for ways to take risks and innovate—an approach that drives financial performance, confidence, and efficacy. 

We call these leaders Work Innovator Companies. And we’ve figured out what sets them apart.

In “7 Things Work Innovators Do Right Every Day,” we break down the mindset that enables Work Innovators to focus on expansion instead of survival. 

You’ll learn:

  • Three perspectives that position Work Innovators to adapt
  • Four attributes that accelerate work innovation
  • Opportunities within your industry to cut ahead of the rest

Backed by Upwork’s proprietary platform data, global survey research, partnerships, and academic collaborations, these evidence-based insights can help you create a blueprint for the new way of work.

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