November 2, 2023
Reinventing Work:

Unveiling the Work Innovator’s Blueprint for Success

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What's in this research:

A new type of company is emerging: One doing things differently than its competitors and reaping the benefits as a result.
Our research reveals the three core attributes that set this new type of company apart. We call this “The Work Innovator Framework.”
We also identify the specific actions leaders within those companies are taking that directly drive better business performance.
These innovative leaders are the catalyst for creating companies with higher performance, confidence, revenue growth, and an effective generative AI strategy.

Many leaders are questioning what to prioritize, what to preserve, and what to change. Yet amid this ambiguity emerges a new high-performing type of company with leaders taking action.

The Upwork Research Institute’s research uncovers what sets these companies and leaders apart. Learn more about the attributes of these high-performing companies and the actions that leaders are taking to drive results.

Find out the performance benefits Work Innovator Companies experience, and learn what makes leaders within those companies.

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Work Innovator companies performance benefits

Work Innovator companies
All others

Completely confident in
organization’s future outlook


I work on a highly effective team


Completely satisfied with my organization’s current financial performance


Significant increase in 
company’s revenue growth 
over the past 12 months

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