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“Upwork is great for crowdsourcing ideas without letting budgets get out of hand.”
Mickey Meehan
General Manager

Traditional staffing was too slow and expensive

Conductiv™ is a fast-paced company that must balance initiatives at scale with tight deadlines. The company often needs help with marketing projects, which are critical to sustaining its rapid pace of growth. But nearly 75% of its marketing projects require a fast turnaround and hiring through traditional sources can be expensive and mired in unnecessary delays. Conductiv decided to increase productivity and stretch budgets with help from the world’s work marketplace.

It found a large U.S.-based talent pool

Conductiv prefers to work with U.S.-based talent to minimize time-zone-related communication delays on projects.The company partnered with Upwork for its large talent pool and the platform’s ease of use, which enables employees to quickly post projects and create a shortlist of qualified talent.

“Upwork is a great forum to trial talent at no risk and with great speed. Having the flexibility to invite someone to a job and get a response within minutes or hours is really important,” says Lindsay Wise, Senior Director, Marketing and Growth at Conductiv.

The efficiencies that can be found on Upwork’s work marketplace extend beyond turning around projects. “Upwork is great for crowdsourcing ideas without letting budgets get out of hand, especially when you don’t know where to start, you want to try something new, or you want to get fresh ideas to take something to the next level,” says Mickey Meehan, General Manager at Conductiv.

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